Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our first week in Chicago

Rick's family came out to Chicago with us to help us move in. They lived in Milwaukee for a long time while Fred played for The Bucks and they absolutely love the midwest. We went out to Milwaukee for two days so that they could see their friends and some memorable places. This is Rick's elementary school. It was fun to see the houses he grew up in, the places that he rode his bike and where he went to school.

After The Roberts left Daci got pretty bored with just Rick and I :) I found some play-doh and that kept her busy for a little bit. Thought these pics were pretty cute :)

We are really enjoying it here in Naperville....aside from this awful humidity :) I am definitely not used to the humidity, I feel like I need to take ten showers a day out here! We are busily setting up our new house and thinking of all of the fun things we can do to it to make it even cuter. That will have to wait until we actually have a paycheck though :) I will posts house pictures soon!!!


The Baldwin's said...

so fun!! it is super humid huh? i'm pretty used to it now...UT was SO dry when I was there! we totally need to get together, let me know if you ever want to explore MI, it's amazing here :)

Carly said...

Awww Daci looks so big! I dont think its hit me that you guys have moved- I kinda feel like you will be back any day now:) And dont worry-you'll get used to the humidity and when you come to Ut you will think its soooo dry! Miss you guys!

PAUL + ALICIA said...

so fun! Thats awesome! Stay busy and you will miss your family less! Daci is so cute!