Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Busy, Busy, Bees!!!

We have been so busy exploring Naperville and Chicago before Rick has to start work next week. There are many forest preserves near our house and we went to visit a few of them. They are gorgeous!!

Then, we stopped by Rick's old Mission Office. When he was here there were two missions, he served in the Chicago South Mission. Recently, they combined the two missions and its just called the Chicago Mission. We stopped in and met the President and the ladies that work in the office. It was really cool seeing where he was when he was AP.

We went to another forest preserve that is more like a meadow and marshland. Rick was really excited to go to this one because it had an RC Airstrip. Rick loves RC planes and helicopters and was so excited to see them. When we got there Daci fell in love with the "panes!" (planes) and "co-ters!" (copters).

Father and Daughter watching the planes!

Rick has a family from his mission that he is very close with. They even drew all the way to Utah for our wedding. They have three BEAUTIFUL kids with one on the way They came over one night and Daci was delighted to have friends over!

Daci and Pia...about 6 months apart.

Then, we picked my mom up from the airport on Sunday and took her straight downtown to see the sites. This is Rick and Daci at the Bean in Millennium Park.

Mom and I in front of the great to have her here!

Rick and I in front of the Bean

The next day we went back downtown and went to lunch with one of my moms high school friend.

Daci had a blast downtown. She turned into this HUGE ham when we put her up on the ledge to get some photos. Everyone around us stopped and stared at the goofy, silly, cute little girl :)

We love and miss everyone but are having fun here!

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Karen Pedersen said...

I have loved being here and exploring with you. Thank you for welcoming me into your new home so soon after moving in, and THANKS for your wonderful hospitality.