Sunday, July 11, 2010

Transformers 3 in Chicago!


We suspect these are "Mudflaps" and "Skids" covered up

The movie Transformers 3 is being filmed in Chicago right now and Rick, my mom, Daci, and I went downtown to check it out. This weekend they were filming all around The Loop. We got to see some of the sets, cars and ornery security people who were yelling at us for taking these pictures :) The best moment of the day was when we saw the truck for the Autobot "Ironhide". Most of the cars for the movie were covered with tarps and there were security guards yelling at everyone to not take pictures. We also found the Autobot Twins "Mudflap" and "Skids", they were covered but we caught a glimpse of them under their tarps. There were many streets closed down and they had a bunch of rubble and smashed up cars brought in for the set. We got some pictures of those but they are pretty far away. When we got there they were just wrapping up filming so most of the sets had been cleaned up. This next weekend they are shutting down Michigan Ave. to do the big stunt scenes, they will also have base jumpers jumping from Trump Tower! We hope we can catch some of the action :)


Kade and Kaylee said...

That is so cool!! Looks like you guys are enjoying Chicago so far! The city looks super fun! By the way Kori, you look sooo freaking skinny in that picture!! Did you ever even have a baby?? :) Miss ya!

Karen Pedersen said...

What a fun day that was. It was a great way to spend my first day in Chicago with you and see the sights.