Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Little Watermelon

We met some fun friends in the ward and they invited Daci and I over to run through the sprinklers in their backyard. Daci has developed a few fears over the last few weeks and I had a feeling she wouldn't like the sprinklers but I got her in her swimsuit anyway. She LOVED playing in her suit and you could tell she thought she was so cute :) But, as predicted, she was scared of the sprinklers. Thats okay though, she just ran around outside in her suit and had the time of her life anyway! One question I would like answered....how come white, cellulite thighs are so cute on little babies and so NOT cute on grown women like me? I really don't think it is fair!

Doesn't this look like a male model for Hollister pose? Seriously she is such a ham!

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Karen Pedersen said...

What a sweetheart! That 2nd pic made me laugh so hard. She is posing for a catalog.