Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Little Home

So I promised photos of our cute little house so here they are. We are in the process of buying this townhome. There are quite a few things we are excited to do to the place but for the most part we LOVE it. Here is our family room from a "bird's eye perspective", I took the photo from our stairs :)

Family Room again

We have a walk in closet! It may not be that exciting to you, but boy do I love it :)

Our bedroom....don't mind the beautiful drapes that don't match our bedding...they were left here by the old woman who lived here before. They are of course not our taste but we quickly realized that we love them because without the Utah mountains, the sun shines in our window very early in the morning. We decided to keep them until we can afford to get our own :) Our room has a master bath, the door leading into it is opposite the bed, we also have our walk-in closet on that wall.

Daci's bedroom/ guest room. I LOVE this room but of course there are some things missing still. I still need a pink bedskirt to go with the bedding on the bed and I want to do a really light green paint on the walls in here.

The wall opposite Daci's crib has her dresser (excuse the water bottle..didn't realize it was there!). The room also has its own bathroom, the door is to the right of the dresser.

Things we love about our house:
-It's ours!!! Well, okay it isn't actually ours yet, we are still trying to close on it. Can I just say that it is an extremely stressful thing, waiting for a house to close...I mean come on, we can't lose our earnest money!!!!
-We have a dishwasher!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!
-Lots of storage space
-2.5 baths
-It has an upstairs
-We have a Laundry Room!!!!
-Walk in Closet :)
-Back Porch
-We got it for a great deal

Things we can't wait to do to our house:
-All of our trim, baseboards, doors and cabinets are oak. We want to replace all the doors, baseboards and trim with white ones and replace the cabinets with white cabinets
-Our walls are just boring white. We can't wait to make them a warm tan color! In some rooms we also want to add a little color (like maybe a light green in Daci's Room and maybe a light blue in the downstairs bathroom)
-Rick is going to wire a whole home entertainment system!
-Eventually replace our appliances
-Re-do our shower
-Re-tile our floor...we like the white tile that is in our kitchen and bathroom until we realized that we have to clean it every five seconds...it shows everything!
-New Light Fixtures
-New Stainless Steel hardware (knobs, faucets, etc)

We are so excited to work on our house together. It should be a fun project! This house will be great for us for a few years and then we are excited to sell and hopefully make a profit :) I will post pictures as we make changes. I will also post some more "before pictures" of the kitchen and some of the bathrooms, I just haven't taken any of them yet.


Penny said...

Your home is looking great!

Darren and Kelli Haub said...

Oh my goodness I love it! I can't believe it's so put together already! You always were a 'go-getter'.

I definitely need to come visit you in the Windy City. Looks like I'll have a very cute bed to sleep in ;)