Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tannon's Mission Call!!

So since I am in Chicago, and my mom was here visiting for a week, we weren't able to see Tannon's mission call in person. Thank heavens for the wonderful invention of Skype! We were able to watch him open his call and it kinda felt like we had our own little show. We got to see it better than anyone else because the computer was right in front of his trying to peek around the crowd to get a glimpse of Tannon's reaction. This pic is of us anxiously waiting to hear where he will be called.

Tannon reading his call.

Still waiting....

No way! Malaga, Spain!!!!!! Enters the Provo MTC October 20th!

We were soooo happy! My mom bawled....okay I cried quite a bit too. I am so proud of Tannon and for his decision to serve. He is going to be an outstanding missionary!!! Love ya bud!


Jesse & McKenzie said...

How exciting! We did the same thing for my little brother except right when he read where he was going the volume cut out and came back with everyone cheering. So I was screaming at the computer "where!" At least I saw it all! That's awesome he is going to Spain! Jesse went to Madrid!!:)

Doing It Today! said...
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Darren and Kelli Haub said...

So fun! He's going to LOVE Spain... not that I've ever been there... but I hear it's great!

How's the Windy City? Are you loving your new little family life out on your own?

Karen Pedersen said...

Soooo glad you included the photo of me going into the ugly cry (NOT!). I guess the photos tell the story, though. I love you and loved spending a week there with you guys!