Saturday, July 24, 2010


So...last night chalks up to be the worst night I have ever experienced! Rick has been at training in Texas all week long and his flight was supposed to get in at 10:35pm last night. About four hours before he was supposed to take off it started raining here. He called me and told me that the plane had been delayed until 11:45pm because of the rainstorm. So, at 11:00pm I woke Daci up, piled her in the car and headed toward the airport. After about 30 minutes of driving a HUUUUUGGE rain/thunder/lightening storm hit. I have never seen anything like it in my WHOLE life. The rain was just coming down in sheets, the sky was white with constant lightening and the ground was shaking from the horrible thunder. Let me tell you......I was having a true anxiety attack! People were pulling off of the side of the freeway and putting their hazards on because it was impossible to see anything in front of you. But then there were still the few idiots that thought they were better and smarter than everyone else that decided to stay on the freeway and continue at 80mph speeds. Now I was worried one of them was going to spin off and smash my precious daughter and I in our stopped car. For a second the rain let up enough that we could see and I hurried back on the road and continued as far as I could before I had to stop again. This time I was the only one stopped on the side of the road and I was definitely terrified. I tried to keep it together so Daci didn't get scared but it didn't matter...she was scared already. She started crying and her little lips were quivering. I sang her primary songs and tried to calm her for about 20 mins. Then, another slight break in the sheet of water, so I made a run (or a drive) for it. I made it to the "O'Hare Oasis", an exit that has a big gas station and overpass restaurants, just in time before the next big wave hit. Daci and I pulled into there at midnight, just as Rick called us. I thought he had landed and was ready for me to pick him up and I was relieved! But then, more bad new, the weather was so bad and they had been circling above the airport for so long that they couldn't wait anymore so they diverted him to the Indianapolis airport. Grrr! I came all this way in the this horrible storm and I don't get to see my hubbie at the end of it!!!?? I decided I would stay at the gas station until I felt it was safe enough to drive. We were there until 4:30am! Daci, of course, wouldn't sleep so we were awake the whole time. She was pretty wired and kept getting in to everything! She found my camera and wanted to take pictures. I taught her how to click the button and she turned it around to take pics of us! We had our own little photo booth in the car last night. It was so funny, after a few times of her watching me pull funny faces at the camera she caught on and did it too! She was the one pushing the button and she kept getting too close to the camera so she is cut off in most of the pics but you can still tell she was pulling funny faces each time. She is such a ham! When the rain finally calmed down a little I headed for home but the storm had moved in that direction and we had to drive through it a little bit again for the last 15 minutes! As soon as I pulled into my house and put Daci in her crib the wind and the rain got HORRIBLE! It felt like the whole house was shaking. I'm so glad it waited until I got inside! All I have to say is that a lot of prayers were said last night and I definitely think they were answered. There were a lot of big accidents last night and I am so grateful that we were safe!

These are our sad/bored faces





We "meowed" for this one :)

I love my booger! She was such a trooper last night!


Karen Pedersen said...

So glad you guys are home, safe and sound. I hope Rick gets there soon.

Jared and Patricia said...

Oh my goodness! That is so scary! It sounds like you did all the right things to get everyone home safe. You're such a good mom...singing primary songs and everything to scared little Daci:) By the way, your condo and furniture are sooooo cute! I love the colors and styles you chose...and it's ALL yours! Wahoo! Love you, and miss you!