Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LIttle Farm Girl

I took Daci to Thanksgiving Point to see all the farm animals and boy, did she have the time of her life! She loves animals so I knew would love it. I decided to dress her up in these adorable boots that Rick wore when he was that age!

Japanese Chicken

Gorgeous White Peacock

Normal Peacock...we were lucky enough to see them when it had its feathers spread!

Fluffy Footed Chicken! So cute :)

Daci's favorites were the chickens. She tried to climb into the pen with them!

Loving the chickens :)

Face to Face with a chicken

She got to ride a pony!

She LOVED it and when the ride was over she pushed the saddle and said, "Plea! Plea!" because she wanted it to keep going :)

The one things he was a little unsure about was the pig :)


Tracey Mason's Studio said...

Kori- I can't get over the boots! Those paired with chunky monkey baby thighs & buns is too much for me! Just precious!

Karen Pedersen said...

That settles it. This baby is NOT moving to Chicago with her parents. She is staying in Utah with her grandparents. I'm glad that is decided.

Kade and Kaylee said...

Those boots are so cute! So, I have some sad news.. we were planning the trip to Chicago in Aug. but we just found a killer deal on flights to Hawaii. So we ended up booking our trip to Hawaii instead! But no worries.. we will make it to Chicago sometime in the future when you're out there!!

(By the way.. are any of your brothers playing sports in the summer games in Cedar? We are gonna be up there next week for Kade to play basketball. I was just curious if you might be there?)

Swank said...

She is so cute! But thats not a surprise because she has a cute momma (and dad too)!! lol Thanks for sharing such fun adventures! If you are ever in the SUU neck-of-the-woods...please call and come see us!! When is the big move to Chicago?

Darren and Kelli Haub said...

Oh my... so fun! I've been wanting to take Damon there but wasn't sure if he was quite old enough. Looking at the pictures of Daci I think he's going to LOVE it!

p.s. can't wait to see you all on Friday :)