Monday, August 30, 2010


We had visitors this week! Carly, Micah and their baby girl, Eleni, came to stay with us and we had SOOO much fun! Daci had a blast with her little cousin "leni". She just wanted to hold her and kiss her and wipe her bottom all week long :) Luckily Eleni was a good sport and seemed to love her cousin just as much. We are so glad they came to stay and miss having them around! Here are a BUNCH of photos of our fun-filled week.

On Friday we took them downtown. Carly's childhood friend from Milwaukee, Lindsey, drove down to come with us. Rick even got to get off work early so that he could go around the city with us. We went to Millenium Park, Michigan Ave, a frozen yogurt place, and to Sprinkles (a famous cupcake shop. Carly LOVED it and said the chai latte cupcake and the red velvet cupcake were to die for).

Carly, Micah and Lindsey went to the top of the John Hancock while Rick, Daci, Eleni and I stayed at the bottom and waited for them. Daci had been in her stroller all day long and was getting pretty antsy so we let her out and she went crazy! She was so happy to stretch her legs :)

Our little fam with the John Hancock behind us.

Daci put on a show for the people of Chicago right in front of the John Hancock. It was pretty funny :)

Eleni had fun with us too! Daci was pretty entertaining :)

Carly and Micah in front of Sprinkles

Me in front of the Amphitheater in Millenium Park

On Saturday we went to a fiesta! Mario and Gabriella are people that Rick met on his mission when he served here in Chicago. He is still really close with them and we enjoy seeing them frequently. They have four adorable kids and it was Pia's birthday celebration on Saturday! We went to a big birthday party at their house.

They had a big bouncy castle set up that Daci loved.

The food was incredible! Have you ever seen so much meat on a grill at once!?

Daci loved the food just as much as we did!

Pia right after she blew out her candles. Her sister Martina and her brother Mario are next to her.

They had a pinata and it was so fun watching all of the kids go after it

The Alvarez family, another family that Rick was close with on his mission

Us with Mario and his niece and nephew

We also went to the Lincoln Park Zoo with Carly and Micah. Daci liked it a lot more this weekend than last. She was less scared and more interested in the animals :)

She LOVED the fish

We had a lot of good food while they were here. We all feel like we are going to die of clogged arteries though :) There is so much amazing food in Chicago that you definitely have to be careful that you don't eat it all the time. But when guests come, we throw all caution to the wind :) We ate at Lou Malnatis, Giordano's, Portillo's, Rosebud on Rush, Sprinkles, Berry Chill, and Carly and Micah ate at Solly's Grill and Kopp's Custard in Milwaukee. LOTS OF GOOD FOOD!

This is us at Giordano's

We had a blast with Carly and Micah. If anyone else is interested in visiting the Windy City give us a call! We can show you a good time :)


Karen Pedersen said...

Thanks for sharing all of your adventures this week. It makes me feel like I'm not so far away. Love you all!

Blake & La-Shana Francom said...

Chicago is on our to-do list so I'll keep ya in mind!! Also, our friend is going on a mission there in December....he'll be in Rick's old mission stompin' grounds! :)

Jared and Patricia said...

Chicago looks AMAZING!!! We are super jealous of Carly and Micah and hope to come visit, too, sometime. We miss you! Daci looks older every day. Sooo glad you had fun this last week! Thanks for posting updates :)

Carly said...

Thanks so much for having us guys! We had a blast! And I brought back a few extra lbs with me from the giordanos and oberweisen :) Miss you already!

Val Murphy said...

I just found your blog today!! I cannot believe how your little girl has grown up so fast...I really think the last time we saw her at Carabbas she was just itsy bitsy and I don't think that was TOOO long ago, was it? Looks like you are having fun, that city is beautiful!

Kade and Kaylee said...

first of all Daci's little black boots are soooo freakin cute!! I love love them! second, you are looking fabulous too Kori! Did you die your hair darker or just let the blonde grow out?? I am lovin it :)

Shelby said...

Joe and I are going to Chicago in October. What are the must see's?