Monday, November 22, 2010

Random Goings Ons

Daci is sick.....again! If this winter is anything like last winter she will be sick all the time. The other day she came up to me with two hats and her gloves on. I laughed and said, "Daci, are you cold?!" and she said, "Yeah, freezing" very matter of factly :)

Daci looked so cute for church on Sunday I had to snap a pic

My mom sent Daci a little package in the mail and we got it today. She loves it when she gets mail! There was a sucker, a Mickey Mouse Christmas Coloring book, and her Christmas Ornament. Its a tradition in my family that the grandkids get an ornament each year.

Enjoying her sucker

Trying to open her present, didn't work out very well because she wouldn't let go of the sucker! I untied the ribbon for her.

Pulling the ornament out

Its a Santa on top of a light up snowball. She loves it! Oh how I love the holidays :) Happy Thanksgiving this week everyone!


Karen Pedersen said...

I love sending packages to my little Daci and I LOVE that she gets so excited about them. IT was so much fun to skype with you afterward and have her tell me thank you. I can hardly wait to see you all!

Jessica said...

I love her gray boots. She's so cute!