Thursday, November 18, 2010

A week of celebrations!

Carly, Micah and their baby Eleni came out to visit us this week because......wait for it.....they are moving here in the Spring! Micah got a job with the company Rick works for so they came out looking for a place to live. I had lots of fun watching Eleni while they house hunted each day. Daci loves her little cousin and was very helpful with her. She did show a few signs of jealousy though during this trip :) There were moments that she didn't like sharing her mommy and her toys. I think it comes with the age though :)

Daci always wanted to hold Leni and she loved putting her binkie in her mouth for her :)

My adorable neice. She is about 6 1/2 months old now.

While Rick was in Dallas this week he had his 26th birthday. I was sad that he didn't get a celebration on his actual birthday so I planned a little "party" for him. When he and Carly and Micah came in from Texas they walked into a decorated house (don't mind that it looks like a little boy's birthday party:) ), Giordano's Pizza, Oberweis Ice Cream, a birthday cake, and Rick's very favorite homemade oreos. I spent the whole morning preparing!

I got these balloons the night before and by morning they weren't floating anymore :( I guess there wasn't high float in them :) Daci had fun playing with them though!

Daci was excited to see her daddy after a whole week of him being gone

Rick blowing out his 26 candles.

Daci helped him open his presents. I think this Christmas will be a lot of fun because she actually showed interest in opening presents!

We had fun with Carly and Micah and are glad they were here to celebrate Rick's birthday with us!


Karen Pedersen said...

I wish we could have been there too! Happy Birthday, Rick!

Chelsea and Michael said...

Fun! We love it out here so hopefully Micah and Carly will too! Happy birthday Rick!

Val Murphy said...

That looks like a fun birthday party, happy belated birthday to Rick! I hope Max enjoys/shows interest in unwrapping presents on Christmas, that will make it even more fun! I'm so excited for you to have some family there with is so fun for kids to get to play with their cousins.

Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

You are such an amazing wife and mother. BTW I bought all of my rugs at JCpenny. I ordered them all online. They always have sales if you watch for them.

Jesse & McKenzie said...

How exciting to have family moving out there too! That stinks Rick was out of town for his bday. Looks like you made up for it when he got home! That pizza looks yummy!!! Thank you for all your sweet comments! I love hearing from you. You are more than welcome to use the same idea with telling the fam. You guys are so cute! I love seeing your posts.

Carly said...

We had such a blast staying with you guys! Thanks so much for all you did! Kori wins the auntie of the year award watching Eleni for two days!!! It helped us out so much, we can't wait to go to oberweiser with you guys on a regular basis:) Next time-birthday cake shake!!! And hopefully Micah wont forget the candy corns again!

Liz Smith said...

how awesome that you are going to have some family nearby!

happy belated birthday to your hubby! :)

Darren and Kelli Haub said...

OH my heavens... how exciting! I'm so glad you'll have company out there.