Thursday, April 21, 2011

Visitors and Fun

Rick's family came to visit last week for Spring Break and of course I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked.  We were just having too much fun! Obviously,  most of the fun involved food :) We went to a great Greek Restaurant in downtown Naperville called Tasso's.  Ummmmmm I found my ultimate food there.  I am a huge cheese fan and they have an appetizer called Flaming Cheese!  Seriously, its to die for.  We also had-just to name a few- Lou Malnati's (duh!), Sprinkles Cupcakes, Portillo's, and the last night we had a fun dinner with just the adults (yes, I hired my very first babysitter!  I'm not afraid to leave Daci with someone, I just didn't know how to hire a babysitter, I'd never done it before.  Is that dumb?  Okay, yeah it is.  Oh well.  I finally did it and I'm sure we will do it a lot more now!) at Sullivans!  Sullivans is my new favorite restaurant.  I just LOVE it!  Rick and I got steak, crab legs, and iceberg wedge, shrimp and lobster bisque and creme brulee and shared it all.  AMAZING!

A few of the cupcakes from left to right: chocolate coconut, red velvet with cream cheese frosting, strawberry

Carly, Me and Penny with our cupcakes (notice mine has a G on it for Gluten Free!)

The creme brulee from Sullivans. I wanted to take pictures of the whole meal but I was too embarrassed to snap some pictures in such a nice restaurant.  But when the dessert came out, I couldn't resist.  I mean come on, look at that creme brulee! Once I took the pic and wasn't so embarrassed I just died that I didn't take one of the rest of our food!

My cute hubby with his yummy dessert

Micah and Carly at Sullivans

Carly, Penny, and Sophie at Sullivans
 We were sad to see The Roberts leave!  It was fun to have family here for a while and they sure were troopers!  Both Daci and Eleni had colds and ended up having to go to the doctors while they were here.  They even had one night where no one slept because poor Eleni was up all night with a sore throat.  They were so sweet to watch the girls while we went out one night and Fred wins an award for being such a great grandpa with Daci!  It was really nice for me to have a little break from that wild girl!  I'm sure they enjoyed their trip but were really excited to get home.  I know they would love a vacation from their vacation!

The night after Rick's Family left we had a girls night with a few people in the ward.  I'm sad I didn't think to pull out my camera until after a lot of the girls had left but here are a few that stayed a little later.

One of our friends out here was struggling with her pregnancy and ended up having to have the baby taken c-section at only 27 weeks.  A bunch of the girls pitched in for a gift and I made this card for her.  Good luck Sarah!  We hope you get well soon!


Ashley said...

Reading your post made me so hungry! And I love the picture of all the girls- except I am the only one that doesn't look cute because I was sweaty from Just Dance. But thanks for taking a photo! It's the only one!

Karen Pedersen said...

I wish we could have been there visiting too but I'm so glad you got to spend some time with the Roberts. The card is gorgeous, Kormeli!

Jessica said...

looks so fun and I was the same way the first time I hired a babysitter, and no girls in our neighborhood were around so we ended up with an 11 year old went OK. GLad things are going so great for you guys! I am craving creme brulee now!