Monday, April 25, 2011

Ward Easter Party

 Easter was so much fun this year!  I love having Daci old enough to enjoy these experiences!  We spent all day Saturday and Sunday celebrating Easter.  On Saturday the ward had an Easter Party at the church.  They did an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.  They roped off a special area for the nursery kids and I don't know if Daci has ever been so excited!  She was running around grabbing eggs and throwing them in her basket.  Then, she would stop to eat some before the hunt was over! We kept telling her to wait until after to eat so she could have more eggs.  Then she'd hop back up, swing her basket over her shoulder, and got back to work.  We have really enjoyed our ward and I love that they do such fun activities for the little ones!

Daci and I in the gym before the Egg Hunt

With Carly and Eleni before the hunt

And it begins!

Stopping for her first candy break.....Get back out there Dac!

Finding some more (and really excited about it!)

Happy with her haul

Diggin' in

Our fam after the hunt

Eleni playing with Daci's empty eggs in the gym after the hunt

Daci was SOOOOO possesive of her eggs and basket!  Eleni kept innocently grabbing for them and Daci would jerk away and give her a big crusty....we are still working on sharing :)  At least this pic looks like they are happily enjoying them together.  One second later and you'd see the jerk and the crusty :) Eleni is such a good sport.  She never gets her feelings hurt!
Well, I have many more pictures from Easter.  In fact, I'm embarrassed to admit that I loaded the pictures from Saturday and Sunday and I had 363 pictures! Obviously I have edited them down....but only to about 100 :)  I will have to share them in a few posts.  I hope everyone had a great Easter!!


Karen Pedersen said...

So much fun! I miss you guys so much.

in morse code said...

what a cute little family. (p.s. I like your hair that color. beautiful!) Your little girl is so cute. Makes me excited for when he grows up!