Monday, May 2, 2011

Naperville Children's Museum

 A bunch of the girls in our ward got together with our kids and went to the Naperville Children's Museum last week.  It was so much fun!  The kids absolutely loved it and we had fun watching them have fun :) Its been such yucky weather still and it was nice to have somewhere to take them where they could run around, have fun and participate in educational activities!

Daci with Jackson and Jacob before we went in

Daci at an art board

This cracked me up.  They have these cape thingys that blend in with the paintings on the walls. Obviously I didn't get Daci set up exactly in the right spot on the painting but its still very cute.  She is with her friend Ashlyn in this one

Carly and Eleni came too.  We weren't sure if Eleni would have very much fun at the stage she is in right now but she had a blast!  There is so much for kids of all ages to do there!

Daci and her friend Maggie at the glow stick wall.  I think this was Daci's favorite thing there.  Its just a dark wall full of glow sticks and you can remove them and put them back in different spots.

Showing me her glow stick

You can't really tell what is going on here because I had to use my flash to get a pic.  But this is a dark room with these dangly, hanging flashlights around the room and you can write on the wall with them.  What you write stays lit up on the wall for a while.  Its pretty cool

This was the music room.  They had mallets and a bunch of big things the kids could bang on.  Ashlyn, Jacob and Maggie (Daci is just entering the picture at the bottom) were enjoying themselves!

Leni sat on top of the drum and went to town

They had a smaller kids area with a bunch of toys that Eleni enjoyed playing around in

Daci water painting

This was a cool long tube of mirrors. Daci was really nervous at first but once she went through she enjoyed doing it over and over

This was Daci's other favorite thing.  She got in the truck and pretended to drive it forever.  Here she is with Ashlyn.

A bunch of big kids came and kinda pushed them out of the way.  But that didn't stop Daci from playing in the truck.  She just hopped in the back seat to go along for the ride :)

Maggie and Daci in the truck

Daci at the computer command station.  Rick would be so proud :)

Entering the big rocket ship
Daci with Jacob and Jackson in the light and color room. Different colors of lights kept flashing.

I had to take a picture with Daci.  You probably can't tell but this is a mini ballet barre on hardwood floor.  I got so excited to see it and had to have a pic with her :)  Maybe some day soon she will be at a little barre like this one, following in her mommy's footsteps!


Karen Pedersen said...

I'm so glad that you are taking Daci on adventures like these. What a great mommy you are. I just wish I were close by to adventure with you guys. I'm so glad you are so great about posting on the blog so I can feel a part of what is happening in your lives. Love you all!

Emily said...

children's museums are the best! we LOVE going to the one here in st. louis. hours of fun, educational playtime! nothing better :)

Abrahao said...

Korinne you are so beautiful! You have such an eventful life! You are always doing such fun things and eating such good food! I loved your Easter post and the dinner you made looked so so yummy! I can not believe how big Daci is getting! Did you curl her hair? She is so beautiful love and miss you!