Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fun Weekend!

We had a lot of fun this weekend with the nice weather!  We went biking on Saturday morning at the Prairie Forest Preserve with Carly and Micah.  We packed Daci and Eleni up in the bike trailer and Rick pulled them.  We really like this path because it is 5.5 miles and the perfect amount of workout!  Rick took the pictures so there aren't many of him :(

Carly, Micah and I


Carly and I

Isn't it beautiful!?

After we finished we pulled over to let the girls get out and stretch and to get some pics

Daci immediately started hopping around :)

The Lisonbee Fam

The Roberts Fam

After our bike ride we headed over to the Farmers Market in downtown Naperville.  I had never been to one and was really excited! We got some yummy raw honey and homemade salsa

Daci loved looking at all of the pretty flowers!

Later that evening we decided to take Rick's airplane out for its first flight of the year.

Daci found a bunny when we got to the park!

Rick flying his plane

Daci was really excited to be at the park AND to be watching the airplane

Rick guiding his airplane to come right at the camera!

Rick was so excited to have a flying buddy!  Daci absolutely loves to watch him fly!

On Sunday we had a special Stake Conference. Elder L. Tom Perry came and spoke to our stake and it was outstanding!  Daci was being super cute before church so I had to snap a few pics :)

After church, a friend of Rick's from his mission had us, Carly and Micah, and another couple over to his house for dinner.
Daci loved his two dogs!

She also loved playing the organ with him

Davis is a true texan and he made us some delicious smoked chicken and baked beans!

He has a little pond in the backyard with fish in it.  Daci and her new friend Ashlyn had fun watching them!

Eleni loved the baked beans :)

Davis gave them fish food to feed the fish

On Wednesday my friend and I took our girls to the pool!  Daci has only been to the pool once and it was last year at this time.  She was so excited when I pulled her floatie out!

Running around before we left for the pool

We had so much fun!  I'm glad we got a lot of fun activities in while the weather was so nice because it looks like a rainy next few days.  Thats okay though, I'm ready for a few laid back days in the house....I'm tired!!


Karen Pedersen said...

So much fun! I love that you share all of your fun activities here on your blog for all of us to see! Please email me these pics and the ones of the park. LOVE them!

Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

Looks like so much fun but kind of exhausting. Arent we soooo blessed to be able to stay home and spend so much time with our kids. I cant imagine it any other way!

Ashley Carter said...

Wow- you guys have had so much fun! Where did you catch the prairie path? And when is the Farmer's Market. I need to hang out with you because you find out about all the fun stuff ;-).

Abrahao said...

You guys are always doing such fun things! What a beautiful place for a bike ride! I can not believe how big Daci is getting! She seriously looks like a little you! Her blue flowered dress was so beautiful! You have such a cute family! Miss you!