Monday, June 20, 2011

Lincoln Park

 We spent Saturday down in Lincoln Park.  My friend, Brittany Buck Brady and her cute little family moved to Lincoln Park for the summer while her husband does an internship.  We went with them to the Lincoln Park Zoo and then to lunch afterward.  Before the zoo we took Daci through the Lincoln Park Conservatory.  If you have seen the movie "The Dilemma" with Vince Vaughn and Kevin James, the scene where Vince Vaughn catches Winona Ryder and Channing Tatum was filmed in the Conservatory.  It was beautiful!

This pond was right in the entrance of the Conservatory

There was a Koi Pond in there.  These fish were huge!  The sign said they can live to be 226 years old! What!?

They had an area where they painted trees and rocks bright colors

Rick and Daci outside of the Conservatory with some of the city scape behind them

Next, we met up with Brit, her husband James and two little boys Mason and Caleb.

Caleb was enjoying chasing Daci and Mason around :)


Daci was so excited!  She ran around the zoo and followed Mason around much more than she did any animal watching 

Mason and Daci had so much fun together!



Daci pointing at the Tiger


Playing in the Ape Tube.  They could go in this tube and see the Apes more up close and personal

Afterward we went to lunch. Daci and Mason were crazy!
 We had so much fun with the Brady's!  I'm sad Brit and I didn't get any pictures together :(  I'm pretty sure we were way too busy making sure our crazy children didn't terrorize the restaurant and its patrons :)

My friend Stacey Holland Sargeant also lives in Lincoln Park and we met up with her for lunch as well.  It was so great to see her!


Karen Pedersen said...

What a fun day. I'm so glad you were able to see Brittney and Stacy. Cute pics, too!

Darren and Kelli Haub said...

SO FUN! Next time you see Stacy tell her 'hi' for me.

Ashley said...

So fun to get to hang out with friends in the city! Our family loves Lincoln Park. Chris really wants to live there :) Glad Daci enjoyed the zoo. She looks so cute and grown up!

The Brady Fam said...

I love how much fun Daci and Mason had together! We had a lot of fun with you guys!

Liz Smith said...

226 yr life span?!! for a fish?! that's crazy!

you know, we've lived in chicago for over 5 years now and we still haven't been to lincoln park. i've always wanted to go check it out. it looks beautiful. this summer we're going to have to hit it up.