Friday, June 3, 2011

Enjoying the weather (when it decides to be nice!)

The weather has been crazy here!  It will be scorching hot and humid one day and then be cold and rainy for the next 10 days straight.  On the days that it has been nice we have tried to get out and enjoy it.  Here are some pictures from when we went to the park with some friends from the ward a few weeks ago.  Can you tell you hot it was by Daci's bright red and sweaty face?  She had a blast playing at the park!  She loves the slides the most!

Daci and her friend from nursery, Jane

Another thing we have been doing quite a bit is going for bike rides!  We have loved going down to the Prairie Forest Preserve and doing the 5.5 mile bike trail.  It has been so fun to do something as a family that keeps us active and in shape!  Daci loves to ride in the trailer and she even fell asleep in it on our last ride!  For those of you who know Daci know that that is INCREDIBLE!  She has never fallen asleep ANYWHERE except her crib since she was a baby!  She hardly ever falls asleep in the car and has never just konked out in the middle of the floor.  I was so surprised to see her asleep in the trailer at the end of our bike ride!

Here are a few pictures of Rick just taking Daci around the neighborhood.  I haven't taken any at the Prairie yet, but I will :)  Sometimes we even stick Eleni in there with Daci and take her for rides too.  So fun!

Daci is saying "One more time, Dad!"


Karen Pedersen said...

DARLING pics! I want the park ones for sure to scrap. Will you email them to me? Also, you should scrap the bike ones on SJ with the Lucky kit and use the bike accents. Only a month and a half and I'll see you! WOO HOO!

Carly said...

LOL! I seroulsy can't stop laughing at that pic of Eleni-she looks like a little old man! Haha, gotta love it:) Daci looks like she had a blast, I hope the weather is here to stay!

Liz Smith said...

i am loving this weather and trying to enjoy it before it gets super humid. the kiddies look so cute in the bike trailer! oh how you learn to appreciate the few good days you have when you live in chicago. it's either too hot or too cold. sheesh!