Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Any Day Now!"

Well I am 36 Weeks today!!! I DID IT! WAHOO!  I'm so happy we made it to 36 weeks!  I would love to make it to 37 weeks...well I would love to make it to 37 weeks and 3 days, which is when my mom comes, but I am SO happy I made it to 36 and that these babies are healthy and strong!

I went to the doctor yesterday.  Stats:

LOST 2 pounds. Yay! Getting rid of some of that extra Christmas weight I put on :)  So far I am at a 42 lb weight gain....I'm still 8 pounds less than I was when I delivered with Daci and there are TWO of her in there right now. Actually, they are both bigger than she was right now.

Measuring at 42 weeks pregnant.  Ugh!  The nurse just laughed when she told me that.  And then she gave me a "You poor thing" look :)

Dilated to a 3 and 75% effaced.

I have been contracting A LOT this week.  Before this week I was having maybe 10 contractions a day.  They weren't ever painful, in fact I probably had more, but didn't notice them because they really don't bother me.  Starting this week I was having them a lot, like sometimes every 7 minutes apart for a few hours, and then they would go away.  On Tues after my Non-Stress test I had them for about 6 hours every few minutes and I thought FOR SURE I was going into labor that night....and then they stopped.  And then yesterday I hardly had any.  I am so confused!  When I explained all this to my doctor she said, "Any day now!".  I guess since the contractions are making me dilate (I was a 2 last week), that I am getting closer.  We'll see how long it really takes for these two to come out though.  I think I am finally prepared (as far as having everything I need.....not mentally :) ) for them to come whenever.

Anyone want to guess on what day they think they will come?  Sometimes I think they are coming like tonight or tomorrow, and other times I think they will make it to their induction (the 19th).  It just depends on how I feel :)

Now for some pics! I went over to my friend's, Ashley's, house on Tues and she taught me how to make car seat covers and a nursing cover!  I had so much fun just chatting and making things for the new babes!  Ashley was a great teacher and I'm so grateful she took time out of her BUSY life to help me :)  Thanks, Ash!  They turned out pretty cute, right?   Just don't look too closely at the stitching....its kinda all over the place...but, it was my first time :)

Does anyone else think its wierd that there are TWO carseats?!  I still can't get used to it.

Livvi's carseat cover.  I did the underside in the matching polka dot that I did Street's in.

I just did both sides the same on Street's carseat cover

Hard to tell what this is, but its a nursing cover.   Sewing that boning in, to make it pop away from your chest, was hard!


Karen Pedersen said...

I'm so impressed with your new sewing skills. Everything turned out great. I'm also thrilled you have made it to 36 weeks. YAHOOO! My prediction is January 10.

Liz Smith said...

such cute projects! i'm so glad you made it to 36 and those babies are going to be healthy. im to predict january 13...only because it's my favorite number. :) let me know if you need anything! i am just a phone call/text away. seriously!!!!

Ty and Ash Sorensen said...

Those turned out so cute:) You are so talented.. I am having someone make the car seat covers for me haha! I love seeing 2 little car seats:) It is so crazy though.. I don't think I know what I am getting into!! I can't wait to hear when you have them! Hopefully soon for us both!! :) Ps you look great for having 2 in there!! I for sure did not loose 2 lbs this week.. I gained a few haha;)

Erin said...

i'm going to guess the 16th! (Ella's bday) Love the carseats and nursing cover! I can't imagine having to carry two carseats, you are going to get some amazing arm muscles :)

Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

I don't think two car seats look weird. One would look weird to me. I'm so so excited for you but a little afraid for you to. It's hard. I'm not going to lie. But the good news is, it's totally worth it.

The Baldwin's said...

So cute and way to go with those babies and wow on your weight gain! You rock Korinne! I can't wait to see them! Good luck with everything! xo


those covers are so cute! Im guessing you will come on the 12th! 1/12/2012! I cant believe you made it to 36 weeks that is awesome!! it seems like everyone is having twins lately!

Darren and Kelli Haub said...

I saw this cute mom hauling around two car seats at Chillies last night and I thought of you and your soon to be bee bops. Love ya and miss ya!

p.s. I guess January 12th (and that was before I saw that someone already guessed that) :)

AAES said...

Love the covers! Your pregnancy has FLOWN by for me! Ha ha...but Of coarse it has! I'm not the one Pregnant! Moms are the best! I hope you have the babies when she comes!