Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Fun

It finally snowed here in Chicago!  Daci couldn't have been more excited.  She has been waiting for snow since December.  Every morning she wakes up and asks if she can build a snowman with daddy, but there is never any snow.  The days it did snow, Rick was working, so he wasn't able to build a snowman with her. That didn't stop Daci though!  She decided she could play out there all by herself.  We watched from our sliding glass door as she had fun in the snow.  We felt like abusive parents because it was 16 degrees outside and we sent our little girl out there. She was so insistent though, and then we couldn't get her back in!  She refused to come in.  

At first she dug around and stomped in the snow.....but after a while she decided all she wanted to do was eat the snow.  Luckily it was fresh and clean :)

Enjoying the delicious snow

She would blow on the snow before she would eat it.  I think she thought that if she blew on it, it wouldn't be as cold :)

Rick and I got to go on one last little date....before the world ends as we know it :)  Haha!  Seriously,  I don't know when we will ever go out again.  Thanks Carly and Micah for offering to take Daci so we could go out again!  We had fun!

And really exciting news: My mom and grandma got in last night!  Wahoo!  SO excited to have them here.  I think Daci is even more excited!  She can't get enough of them.  I think she is going to wear them out before the babies even get here :)  Of course they have already spoiled her to death.  My grandma brought Daci her Christmas present.  She made her a build a bear Cinderella Bunny and Daci loves it!  My mom brought her a cute new outfit.  Now....COME ON BABIES!  We are ready for you!


Kelli Haub said...

Oh my heavens... come on babies is right! I'm feeling bad for your poor abdomen.


those pics of daci in the snow are so cute! I am so sad it didnt snow while we were in utah! even though you live far away its nice you still have family there to babysit!

Miss Gabe said...

You ask, "how are you still standing?" and I ask, "how are you so beautiful no matter how many babies are in your belly?!?" You never cease to amaze me! I wish you the best delivery and recovery. I will cheer our girls at State for the both of us! Wish I could sit next to you through it all.

Lots and lots of love! Enjoy that wonderful Karen and Nedra.

Abrahao said...

I have not been in the blogging world in forever and oh how I have missed reading your posts! I'm so glad Daci finally got snow, she is so beautiful and has the cutest smile ever! Can I tell you how much I love your family cute! You guys are such a beautiful family and there are two lucky kids waiting to join you:-) miss you!