Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birth Story and The First Few Days

I arrived at the hospital at 7:15am for my induction.  I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous and anxious!  Its kinda strange going into it knowing you will be putting your body through labor and coming out with babies at the end!  I just went into labor naturally with Daci, so to actually know when I was going to start labor was weird!

They started my paperwork at 7:30am, got my IV going at 8am, and started my pitocin at 8:30am.  They said they like to mimic natural childbirth with how they do their pitocin, so they started me at a 2 and increased it by 2 every 15 minutes to get me into labor slowly and naturally.  By 10:20am I was dilated to a 4.5 and the pitocin was at a 14.  They broke Livvi's water at 10:30am (yes, I had two waters....I never thought of that before, but I guess it makes sense!) and I was at a 5.  My contractions were coming in every 2 minutes and they were definitely strong, but I wasn't experiencing any pain yet.  My nurse asked me about 45 minutes later if I wanted the epidural.  I wasn't really in pain yet, but knew that I was going to get it, so figured "why wait?"  I got the epidural at 11:20am and luckily I did because I progressed very quickly from then! I got really nauseous and dizzy and wanted to throw up and I knew I was in transition.  I told the nurse I thought I was but could tell she was a little skeptical but she checked me and I was at an 8.5 at 12:45.  She said, "Ok, we will have you sit here for a little while and I'll let the Dr know that you are getting closer." Literally 10 minutes later I felt rectal pressure and wanted to push.  The nurse was really sweet but I could tell she didn't think I was ready.  She went to find Livvi's heart rate and couldn't find it so she was going to put a probe on her head.  When she reached in to do it she goes, "Oh my!  You are complete and ready to push!" Everything went so fast from there.  Rick jumped into scrubs, we put our caps on and they started wheeling my bed to the operating room (I had to deliver in the operating room in case anything happened and they had to do an emergency c-section to get Street out).  My mom had to stay behind because they only allowed one person in the operating room with me :(  As I was being wheeled down the hall I started vomiting and they wouldn't let me stop because they didn't have the monitor on Livvi's heart rate so they had to rush in.  I was trying to vomit into my little bucket and it was just sloshing everywhere.  Yuck!  It only made me more dizzy!  Once in the room they lifted me from my bed onto the table, threw my legs into the stirrups, and told me to wait for the contraction and start pushing!  Luckily, after I threw up I was able to regain some of my composure.  When the first contraction came, I pushed and my Dr. said, "She is almost out!  Keep pushing!" She popped right out on the second contraction!  Then, he checked to see where Street was at.  He said that he was still a little high so over the next few contractions we would work to get him down lower.  On the first contraction I pushed and he went straight down to the cervix!  Next contraction and he was out as well!  It seriously went so well and so smoothly and I can't believe how quickly it all went!  I probably pushed for a total of 15 minutes between the two babies.

Livvi Maren Roberts was born at 1:16pm and was 6 lb 3 oz and 19 inches long.  Street Frederick Roberts was born 9 minutes later at 1:25pm and was 6 lb 8 oz and 19.5 inches long. It was the perfect pain free delivery (afterward has been a different story! ha!) and my babies are so adorable!

Right after we got back to my room.  Livvi was COVERED in vernix and was pretty swollen in the face since she was in the birth canal.  Street came out looking perfect because he didn't have to sit in the canal at all.  Livvi is a lot more fair and has lighter hair.  You can definitely tell she is a girl.  She looks very petite and feminine.  Street is absolutely the most handsome baby boy ever!  He has darker hair and skin than Livvi and his face is a lot more round.  Once Livvi's swelling went down we could see how much she looks like Rick!  I will have to post a pic of she and him face to face.  It is seriously crazy how alike they look.  She has his nose, eyes and ears!  Street looks a lot like a Pedersen and I think he looks almost identical to what Daci looked like as a baby.  He actually looks a lot like my brother, Easton did as a baby.

After I nursed for the first time they moved me to my room and took the twins to get their first baths.  Rick got to go watch and take pictures.

Livvi's first bath:

So happy and content afterward :)

Street's first bath:

Grandma with Livvi. I'm so glad I got to have her with me in the hospital!

My sweet, clean babies :)

A few hours later Rick went and got my Grandma and Daci to come see the babies.  This is Daci with Street for the first time

Meeting Livvi


Holding Livvi

My cute Daci Bug

Daci opening a present from the twins...a Big Sister necklace!

Our new family of five!

Proud parents of cute twinners!

The next day my mom, grandma and Daci came back to visit.  Daci was so excited to hold the twins again! 
Street on the left, Livvi on right

We love putting them together :)

Getting Livvi ready to come home. She was so alert!

Street snuggling with Grandma when he got home

Love my precious boy! 
GG holding Livvi

Sweet Livvi

Our first night was EXTREMELY rough!  They are completely backward.  They were up all night long.  Good thing they are so stinking cute :)  This is them this morning.  Awwww.

You would never know that this cute face was such a pill all night long!


Todd Family said...

u r so good!! love reading your birth story and seeing those cute babes!! my word, i can't believe how fast it all went for you!! they are beautiful! so much fun!! can't wait to see more pics! you go power mom! way to go!!

Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

I'm so happy everything went so well. I can't believe you were able to do it vaginally. I have to say your babies are so adorable but I'm so not envious, the first little while is so hard(ok its still so hard, I still have my fair share of breakdowns) good luck. Try not to get to overwhelmed. I remember when I got home from the hospital I was in tears after a hour from pure overhwhelment. Let me know of you need a shoulder to cry on. You'll do great. I'm probably just a wimp. Twins are amazing. Hard but so worth it(can you tell I've had a long day! I'm sort of negative). Enjoy them. Seems like it goes even faster the second time around. Tell your mom hi and if she misses babies once she's left she can come hold mine whenever she wants!!

Jami West said...

Korinne, I am sitting here at my computer just DRENCHED in tears! I am so happy for you! YOU are amazing! I am just amazed at how you got through all of this. What beautiful beautiful babies you just brought into this world. They are truly just perfect and beautiful. I love how feminine Livvy is and how handsome Street is. What a pair! And how is it that you can look so gorgeous after giving birth to twins?? I am so happy for you and your family. I hope you'll let me come hold those beautiful babies soon :)

Jenna said...

Congrats! They are perfect! I loved reading your story and can't wait to hear more and see more pictures. I hope for you that they figure out their nights and days soon!

Tommy, Jaci and Porter said...

Wow I'm.very impressed how fast you posted the story and pics!! Congrats, that is so exciting, you have such a cute family! Keep posting lots of pics, I love to see them, and good luck with adjusting to your new busy life! :)

Kade and Kaylee said...

So happy for you Kori! You are such an amazing mom! Keep the pics coming! But sleep comes first :)

Lady Danburry said...

KORI!!! you are the champ. I'm so glad Karen is with you; I'm sure it makes all the difference. I have a prize for you, so if you could send me your address, I would be so grateful. Love you, and congratulations! (

Kanani said...

Yay!! I have been waiting for you to update. They are so cute! Congrats! You look pretty good too for just having twins.

Ashley said...

You have been so blessed! Not that recovery and then next 18 years won't be super hard but- they are SO adorable. Cannot wait to meet them!

The Swank Family said...

Holy smokes girl! CONGRATS :) You had twins!!!! And they are adorable!! So happy for your little family! Hope you can get some rest while your mom is in town; the sleep thing is killer. You are amazing though, and one tough cookie! Congrats again!

Kelli Haub said...

I'm not gonna lie... I teared up reading this! I love you so much and am so proud of you. You have a beautiful family of 5... can I say that again FIVE!? CrAzY!

I know you have your mom and grandma there now but if you need someone to chat with when they leave or anything else for that matter please call.

Miss ya TONZ! And I wish you the best in this new, exciting, and challenging time.

Jorgensen Family said...

Oh my goodness!! I am sitting here bawling my eyes out! You did such a good job! You are making me baby hungry again! (Don't worry, I can wait a little longer! Macy is only 12 weeks!!!)


That is so good your labor went so fast and everything went good! they are so cute! Congrats! keep updating pics! I love seeing them! twins are so special!

Sarah H said...

Sounds like everything just went about as perfect as it can go! Congratulations! They are adorable! So happy for you!

The Brady Fam said...

You are amazing! And you look fantastic! If only I could look that good right after giving birth! The twins are absolutely adorable!! I can not wait to have a newborn soon! Good job!

Chelsea and Michael said...

Oh I love it! Your story and these pictures have seriously made me cry... and I am not easy to cry about these things! What cute sweet babies and my word you are amazing! A family of 5! Crazy!

Rhett and Tiffanie Jackson said...

Beautiful!!! Congrats!!!

LauraJ said...

Yeah! Congrats to all of you! I'm so happy you have those babies in your arms and I hope all is going well for you guys. Take care of yourself and let us know what we can do to help!

kiley said...

They are so perfect! I love the pictures when they are sleeping by each other. It melts my heart! So happy for you!

Svetlana said...

Congrats! Your babies are so beautiful! I hope they start sleeping better for you. If you ever need someone to hold them for a while let me know. Congratulations to your whole family again. Daci is so adorable holding her baby sister and brother.

Mrs. Ham said...

still can't believe there is two of them!!!!! so different knowing you were gonna have twins... but not seeing the twins! it's so crazy! so glad everything went well! they are so precious, and daci is such a great big sister! hope your mom and gma are in town for the next 5 months! hehe

Pam Klassen said...

Kori you are a great writer - bringing us along on your journey into what a friend once called 'going from parenting into *management*' with the birth of her third child (granted she did them one at a time but you have to admit she has a point! lol) I feel priviledged just to follow along and remember alot of your current life happenings with the births of my babies. Your musings bring back great memories.

You are going to settle into your "new Normal" just fine and a few melt-downs are necessary along the way. Congratulations to your *family 'o five* and one last observation for you..... I'd rather hear the word *tear* over the word *cut*..... lol - hang in there girl!