Friday, March 23, 2012


These first few pics were before the twins got too sick. Looking at them makes me wish they were completely over their sickness. They are still not back to normal yet.  You can see the sickness in their eyes, they are pale, they are full of snot, they cough nonstop and they still need breathing treatments to keep the wheeze to a minimum. On the bright side though, they aren't struggling for air and they don't have fevers anymore.  We are grateful that the steroid seems to be helping! I'm hoping that within a week they are back to their happy selves! I am really anxious to see what Street is like once he is better.  I noticed a slight difference in him with his reflux for two days and was really hopeful, but then he got sick and his spitting up and discomfort is worse than ever now. I can't wait to see if his reflux medicine is working and he is happier once this RSV is gone!

Livvi was chilling in the boppy while we were watching TV and we looked over and caught her smiling at the TV :)  We keep missing her full on smile on camera but trust me, it is so cute! We haven't seen her smile hardly at all since she got sick :(

Bath time! They both LOOOVE their baths!

Street also loves his bath, he was being a stinker and wouldn't look me in the eyes. Typical boy :)

I know I reported that Street smiled. Well, that was the second day he was sick and he was trying so hard, I wouldn't say it was even a full on smile. Since then, he has been so miserable that there hasn't even been a hint of a smile. I hope once he is feeling better we can get one out of him!

We haven't taken a whole lot of pics while they have been sick....I think we have been a little too busy and worried to think about the camera but here are a few to show how sad they look :(  They both had fevers one night so we put cool washcloths on their heads. Even though they are sick, they are still adorable!

The doctors wanted us to sleep them elevated so they could breathe better so we had them in the boppies in their crib but they kept sliding down in them and we would have to keep readjusting. I had to snap a pic of what they looked like before I readjusted them :)

And here is a random pic of Daci before she went to church last week (Thanks for taking her Car and Micah!).  Isn't she just so beautiful and grown up!?  I have to admit, we have been butting heads a lot lately but I look at these pics of her and I can't help but smile and cry happy tears. I am so grateful for my beautiful, sweet, spicy and STUBBORN little girl.  She has such a big heart.  She loves me no matter how many times I lose my cool and she is so in love with her babies.  If she is gone for a few hours at a playdate she will come in and run straight for the babies and hug and cuddle them until they scream from claustrophobia and I make her move :) She is always hugging me and saying, "I love you, Mommy" and she always asks when her daddy will be home.  There have been A LOT of changes around here and she has handled them like a champ.  I love you Doodle! Sorry I have been so uptight! I  promise to do better.

These pics will show you how much she loves being a big sister!  I snapped these yesterday and uploaded them to my computer and got the most overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I am SO blessed! I have three beautiful and wonderful children. I know I gripe and groan a lot (lets be honest, this is hard) but I couldn't be more grateful and love my children any more than I do. I need to remember this every time I want to run away :)

I am also SO grateful for my amazing husband.  He is such a great husband and father. He has been so supportive of me since giving birth. He recognizes that my "job" is hard and is constantly telling me "thank you, validating my feelings, and sending me sweet notes throughout the day.  He has been so amazing through the twins being sick. He and I sit on the couch all night and watch shows and cuddle babies that are struggling to breathe. I know he has so many things to be working on right now, but he has chosen to make this his priority and I am so grateful for him and his support.  He also recognizes how important it is for me to get out and have a break. Twice this week he let me leave the house and he took over three kids during their fussy time.  He is my hero!  I love you babe!


Karen Pedersen said...

I am grateful for all 5 of you. I can't wait to see you next month.

Liz Smith said...

Daci is so cute! I am so sorry for All you guys have been going through. I hope all of this passes quickly and you can get back to enjoying your happy and healthy family. You and Rick are definitely amazing parents.