Thursday, March 1, 2012

6 Weeks!

The Babes are 6 weeks today.  What a crazy 6 weeks it has been!  I love these little munchkins so much!  They decided to celebrate their 6 week birthday by sleeping horribly last night so today isn't a very happy day for me.  I am pooped! They have been waking up every three hours on the dot but the last two nights it has dwindled to two hours and then last night it was every one hr and 45 minutes!  Grrr.  It better just be like a growth spurt thing cuz that is not going to fly with me :)

I also took Street to the doctor last Saturday because a friend of mine (Thanks, Stephanie!) told me that the way I was describing him in my last post (extremely spitty, fussy, arching his back) sounded like he had reflux, just like her son did.  I took him in and that is exactly what he has!  He is on medication now and hopefully within 2 weeks we will notice a little bit of a change with him.  That may make him sleep better at night too.  Lets cross our fingers :)

Enjoy the 6 week photos below:


Kate W. said...

Hi, Kori -- I'm a downline of your mom's, and have been enjoying following your blog since you had the twins! (Before that, I drooled over Daci on your mom's blog, LOL!)

Anyways, just wanted to say that I hope Street is feeling better soon, and I think it's so adorable how they both pose with their right hands up by their ears. :) They are so adorable!!

Congratulations, and I think of you often -- hoping you're getting as much rest as you can and enjoying your new expanded family.

Erin said...

awww such sweethearts! wow 6 weeks already!!!! they are getting so big already!! i hope your little man starts feeling better soon, so you can get a little break :)

Jami West said...

I hope Street gets feeling better and that they both sleep better for you! They are so so so cute!

Karen Pedersen said...

Love Street's raspberry in that one photo. He's a true Pedersen boy...always blowing raspberries when it's photo time. Love you all!

Liz Smith said...

They are so so darling! i hope he feels better soon!!

Jessica said...

They look so much bigger to me! I have been horrible at being able to read everyones blog, I feel like I am so behind on everything, even my own!! Major props! And you are the one with the twins!!! :) I am still trying to balance everthing and figure things out!