Monday, February 27, 2012

Daci Dates

 Daci has been so sweet to the babies. She loves them so much and always wants to hold them and take care of them.  I'm so glad she has reacted to them this way.  With us, however, we have had some problems. She has struggled with being obedient and will do things that she knows she isn't supposed to. I know she is just dying for the same amount of attention she got before the babies came. Since it is obvious she is craving attention we hav decided to do Daci Dates. When Penny was here I took Daci to the mall on a mommy-daughter date. She got to ride the carousel 3 times and then we got an ice cream cone after. She loved it! She also loved having mommy all to herself again :)

Last week was rough without any grandmas here to keep Daci company. We tried really hard to give her attention and be patient with her but there were a lot of rough moments! By the end of the week we were all frustrated. We decided to make a day just for Daci.  Rick took her out in the morning to breakfast at Chick Fil A and let her play in the playplace for a while. Then, on the way home he let her pick a treat out at Target. She chose fruit snacks :)  Then, in the afternoon we went with Carly and Leni to Red Mango (Daci's favorite!), and to Barnes and Noble where they played with the train set, looked at books, and put on a show on the little stage. She had a blast and there were much less behavioral issues that day :)
She chose cookies and cream with these little orange balls (yuck!). She loved it!

Playing with the trains

Looking at books on the little stage

Today I took Daci to her three year check up.  She is 3 ft 2 inches (80th percentile), the doctor said that is the average height of a 4 yr old! She is 34 lbs as well. She has been so excited to go to the doctors. She has been playing doctor with her new kit every day. She knew the whole routine of the stethoscope , the ear checker, the throat checker, etc. The doctor was very impressed with how much she talks and the funny things she was saying. She told the doctor she was 24, that her lips were pretty and that I was her daughter :) She got the flu shot today.  I was really nervous about it because it was the first time she would actually know what was going on.  She was a champ though!  She didn't even cry even though "it hurt really bad mom" and she was really brave.  She loved the doggy bandaid she got and was excited to have a bowl of ice cream because she did so well.  It really hit me today that she is no longer a  baby, not even a little bit!  As hard as she can be, she is also a really good little girl and I enjoy spending everyday with her :)


Todd Family said...

love this! i'm sure it's hard to balance your kids! i'm super impressed by you! you are such a good mom!! and yes...Z's cry is so stinkin cute. I never get upset because it is the cutest thing ever..sometimes I hope she cries so I can get it on video! lol

Chelsea and Michael said...

It all sounds like so much fun! I am excited to take Daci out with Cailyn! I am sure they will have a blast!

Kade and Kaylee said...

You are a rockstar Kori! I'm going to be calling you with parenting advice non stop when I have children! Miss you! xoxo

Karen Pedersen said...

I'm so proud of you guys. You and Rick are doing such a great job parenting all of these little people.

Liz Smith said...

she really is such a sweetheart! i just love her to pieces. you are a wonderful mom...seriously!