Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Loves

I haven't gotten many pictures of me with the babes.  Mostly because I never get ready :)  I feel like my main role right now is "milking machine".  I feel like a cow.  I feed from sun up to sun down!  I am normally just in silky button up pajamas because that is what is comfortable and allows the easiest access.  I take a shower a day and that is NOT enough.  The second I get out I am covered in either milk, spit up, poop, or pee :)  I'm sure once my help leaves I won't even have a spare second to shower so everyone might just want to steer clear for awhile!

I have had a few reasons to get ready this week so I decided to take advantage and bust out the camera. It feels so good to get ready, even if it was just for a visitor coming over to my house.  I think after so many days of feeling gross, getting dressed and putting my make up on made me feel like a new woman.  My weight has come off a lot faster this time around.  I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I am nursing TWO babies instead of one.  I still have ten of my 46 pounds to go but I am proud to say that I am in my jeans and they button! (Never mind that they kinda, sorta cut off my circulation....I am in them and that is all that matters! Ha!)

My Twin Loves:

My Hubby Love:

Rick is so great with the babies.  When he walks in the door, Street is usually screaming his head off, so Rick takes over and does the magic bounce for him.  We can all do the bounce, but none of us can last as long as he can.  It must be his huge muscles :)

Doing the bounce...notice Street is calm

The second he stopped the bounce for a pic...Street freaks out :)

Loving his precious Livvi

 My Daci Love:

I had so much fun doing something special for Daci on Valentine's Day.  I love to make holidays special and I have felt like I haven't done much for her since the babies were born.  Luckily, the morning was going really smoothly with the twinners (Street laid on the floor, without screaming, for a half hour straight!) so I decided to whip up some pink, heart shaped pancakes for Daci and give her her Valentine.  She was SO excited!  She had never even heard of Valentine's Day until the morning of and after I gave her her Valentine it was all she could talk about.  She wanted to make Valentine's for all of her family members, she wanted to be a Valentine Princess and she wanted to do Valentine dances :)  She is so cute!

with her breakfast

Her Valentine

Holding Livvi in her Valentine outfit

Blowing Valentine kisses

Playing with Livvi.  Whenever she wants to play with or hold a baby we give her Livvi....she is much more patient with Daci than Street is :)

Livvi on Valentines Day.  Daci had to put her kitty next to her for the picture :)
Street on V-Day.  What a handsome guy!

My Three Loves

The cute twinners sleeping side by side, facing  each other and sucking on their binks.  Priceless!


Karen Pedersen said...

Seeing these pics makes me so happy and so sad all at the same time. I miss you all so much. I'm so glad you are so good at posting so I can experience things vicariously. Love you all!

Lady Danburry said...

Your endurance astounds me. You deserve a trophy already.

Ashley said...

Only 10 pounds to go- you look amazing. One of the many blessings of twins ;-). Once we get all moved in, we really want Daci to come for a playdate!

Steph said...

LOVE the pics of your cuties! Can't wait to come and snuggle them again!!!! You are gorgeous!!! Twin mama of the year award goes to you!

Liz Smith said...

you look fab!!! only ten more pounds?! that is amazing!

love the pictures of the kiddies. they are so so cute.


oh my gosh you look amazing!! that is so good! i cant believe you only have 10more lbs to go! They are all so cute! you are a good mom for taking time to do Valentine stuff with Daci!!