Sunday, February 12, 2012


My mom and grandma left and Penny came to help out.  I'm so grateful for  all the help.  Seriously, having two infants and a three year old is so much harder than I ever thought it would be.  The few times I have been left alone with them, I have nearly lost my mind.  It is so overwhelming to have three kids needing your attention that very second!  It is so hard to not be short and lose my cool with Daci when she is knocking things over and climbing all over me.  I know she is just trying to help and I don't want her to see my frustration, but when I have babies screaming and her all over me I can't barely contain my anxiety! I am absolutely terrified that I won't be the mother that I want to be when it is just me and the three hoodlums all day long.  I want to be patient and loving and calm but I can already picture a frazzled mess in my head.  I need to think positively and know that I wasn't given more than I am able to handle.  Heavenly Father wouldn't do that to me.  I am so blessed to have these three amazing children and I love them with my whole heart.  I CAN do this and I will do it...even if I'm a hot mess in the process :)

These two babies couldn't be any more different. Street is high maintenance and completely adorable all at the same time.  He fusses a lot and constantly wants to be held.  I'm pretty sure he has some reflux.  He spits up a lot of his meal and he cries out in pain quite a bit.  He has a really hard time falling asleep during the day unless you have him pulled in tight to your body with his binkie in.  When he is REALLY freaking out the only thing that calms him is holding him out from your body, and just bouncing him over and over.  The second you stop, he freaks out again :)  He has the most beautiful black eyes and when he is calm he will just stare deep into your eyes.  He is so precious and pulls the cutest faces.  I am so in love with him.  It breaks my heart when he is acting like he is in pain. I just want to take it away from him!  He wakes up every three hours like clock work for food.  Luckily, he has figured out at night that he has to go straight back to bed and that we won't hold him to go to sleep. He is always the first to wake up at night and we have to wake up Livvi for him.  They eat, and then go straight back to bed.

Livvi is the calmest, chillest baby I have ever seen.  I'm so grateful for her and her sweet disposition.  I don't know what I would do if I had two like Street :)  She is so patient with Street.  If they are laying next to each other and he is freaking out he will usually be smacking her in the face.  She doesn't care :) She just lays there and patiently waits for the tantrum to be over.  She rarely cries.  When she does its just one quick little squawk every 30 seconds or so.  Once in a blue moon she will be really upset and cry hard.  She also has beautiful eyes.  Hers are blue and she seems to stare right into your soul.  She seems so wise.  She will just chill on the floor or in the bassinet, wide awake, forever.  And then when she is ready to go to sleep she just shuts her eyes and drifts off.  Seriously, the perfect baby.  I often think that she would already be sleeping through the night if we didn't have to wake her up.

Last night was quite the interesting experience.  Penny took Daci to Carly's house and they had a sleepover over there.  Rick and I took care of the babies at our house.  At one point, Rick needed to go have a little meeting with Micah for some work stuff.  I told him to wait til they were asleep. Well, they ate at 4:45pm, they both cried until 6:30pm, by this time they were both FREAKING OUT and we had tried everything.  So, I decided to give them more to eat (they were both rooting also).  We got them set up with bottles and I told Rick to go because they would surely fall asleep after their bottles, they had been up for a long time and they had worn themselves out from crying.  Right?  Well as soon as the bottles were gone they started right back up again.  This time, it was ten times worse.  BOTH of them.  It was so out of character for Livvi. After an hr and a half our pure madness (and a few tears of my own shed) I called Rick and told him to come home.  He came home and we each took a screaming baby.  After another hour of crying we decided to bathe them, feed them, and hopefully put them down.  Luckily after their bath and food they were exhausted.  We put them down and they didn't get back up until 2:30am!  Wahoo!  They slept for 5.5 hours!  Maybe I can put up with some fussy hours if I get a good sleep stretch....then again, maybe not :)  After their 5.5 hour stretch they had a 3.5 hr one and then a 3 hr one.  I'm really hoping I can get them stretching to four hours at a time by next week :)  Wish me luck!!

Here are a few pics from the last week or so.

Daci helping feed both babies

Street in the bouncer

Yia Yia with her granbabies

Princess Snow White Daci with her twins.

She loves to hold them!

Livvi at three weeks 
What she looks like when she lets out her squawk :)

I love this pic.  It looks like Daci is telling him a story and he is listening intently

Street at three weeks

This is what it usually looks like at our house.  Street screaming and Livvi chilling :)


Karen Pedersen said...

SUCH cutie patooties! Will you email me that picture of Daci helping Grandma and I feed the babies? LOVE that. Don't fret. You are a wonderful mommy. The next few months will just be chaos.

Ty and Ash Sorensen said...

LOVE your updates.. It's nice to know that someone else knows how I feel! Gavin is for sure more work than Beau! LOVES to be held, cries a lot more, and is a little more needy! Sometimes I cry cause I feel like I don't spend enough time with Beau! But he is the most patient little brother.. Unless he is STARVING haha! You are doing such a good job! I could not imagine having a 3 year old with brand new babies! You are super woman!! I keep hearing after 6 weeks it gets easier.. and lots of twin moms say 3 months and everything finally clicks! Im hoping they are right!! oh and I am SOO jealous of your 5.5 hour stretch of sleep.. I would DIE for that!!:)

Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

I swear I could have written the exact same words just 1 month ago. Hang in there. Honestly your probably going to feel exactly like you are afraid of feeling. I felt like a horrible mom the first couple of months to my boys. It will get better. It does get easier everyday ( that is if I can keep mine healthy; proven to be an impossible task). Hang on and try to enjoy the ride!! Have you tried changing streets formula up? I put mine on soy and it made a WORLD of difference. I tried the gentle ease first but didnt notice much of a change. So worth it. Btw I know your so worried about daci as you know I felt the same way about my older ones. Sounds like she's doing great and can handle a couple rough months. Good luck. Vent to me anytime.

Sarah said...

Korinne I know (somewhat... I've never had twins) how you are feeling and it is totally okay to feel like it's overwhelming because it is. If you do nothing all day but just take care of yourself and your kids than you have done a lot! You are such an amazing mom and Daci, Livvi and Street are so adorable.

Liz Smith said...

it's crazy to think all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of all those adorable pictures, where it seems like they are always content and you can't begin to imagine them ever being unhappy. I cannot begin to imagine all the stress you must be going through, but I am positive that you are doing a great job nonetheless. You ARE a wonderful mom and always have such a great attitude, even when you are stressed. It will get easier.

Rebecca said...

Yay! I'm so glad I found your blog, Kori. Congrats on your beautiful babies. It is clear you are an amazing mom and those babies were meant to come into such a wonderful family. :)