Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Daci's Birthday Celebration!

Daci's 3rd Birthday is in 2 weeks on February 21st but since we had so much of her family out here on Sunday we decided to have her party then.  Rick got back from a recruiting trip out in Utah on Sunday and his mom flew back with him so she could help me out for a while.  My mom and grandma left Monday morning so we had a little bit of an overlap with everyone here! It was so much fun to throw a special celebration for Daci with so many people that love and adore her.  She had a wonderful day!

We started the morning out with a little 3 year old photo shoot :)

Then we snapped some photos of my mom and I, my mom and grandma, and my grandma and I.  I'm so glad I have these pictures.  They were such a great help and I was so sad to see them go.  It made me realize how much I miss my family since moving out here.  I really have loved living in Naperville but it is hard to not see my mom a few times a week or go visit my grandma who just lived down the road from me in Utah.

Daci had so much fun with her grandma and GG!  She was so sad to see them go as well.

Then the celebration began!  I made some gluten free cupcakes and a delicious dinner (with help from my grandma and mom of course!) and Carly made a BEAUTIFUL cake.  I decorated the night before so Daci would wake up to a surprise.  My grandma said when she saw her balloons and decorations she said, "Oh my decorations are beautiful!  I love my mommy!" That made staying up a little later the night before all worth it :)

Carly made these fondant flowers.  How gorgeous!  The cake was a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. Everyone said it was amazing!

Daci was so excited about her cake, cupcakes, and presents!
Working up their energy for the big celebration :)
Daci's Yia Yia got to be at the party too!  Daci was so excited to see her.

Meeting Livvi for the first time

After dinner we ate the cake and ice cream (Daci's favorite, Strawberry Oberweis)

She was so excited while we were singing to her :)

She couldn't quite figure out how to blow the candles out.  She kept blowing up (notice her bangs are flying in the air?) so after four blows Rick helped her out without her knowing :)

So happy with her cake and ice cream

Time for presents!
Aunt Sophie got her The Napping House

Looking at her card from Sophie

Yia Yia got her a doctor kit

Mom and Dad got her a pretty dress

Grandma got her a Hello Kitty sweatsuit

Mom and Dad got her a play makeup and hair styling kit

GG got her a sweater, a princess wand and some lipgloss and nail polish

Aunt Carly, Uncle Micah and Leni got her a princess book with play figurines
She had a wonderful celebration and I'm so glad we got to do a special day for her with all the people she loves.  SHe has handled sharing attention with the babies so well and I really wanted her to feel like this was all about her.  Love you doodle bug!


Karen Pedersen said...

I miss you all so much already. I'm so glad I got to be there for the babies, for Daci's birthday, and to spend time with you and Rick. I am the luckiest Mom/Grandma around! Now, with all the time you have on your hands, be sure to email all of these photos to me too.

McKenzie... said...

ok so you are THE cutest mommy and you have the most adorable 3 babies! What a fun birthday party.

Brenda said...

I loves seeing these pictures! You and your mother are so beautiful together! Daci is so cute, and my favorite picture from the photo shoot is the third one down. She sure is a sweetie!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Daci! I am so glad she got to celebrate with all her grandmas. So fun! The decor and desserts look fabulous. You girls did a great job!

Abrahao said...

You are seriously Super Mom! How in the world did you pull off such a cute birthday party with TWINS! You are amazing! Love Daci's pictures she is so beautiful...she looks just like her momma!

Mrs. Ham said...

Oh she needed a day just for her! Her world has changed quite a bit the last couple of weeks!! She's so adorable! What a great mom and party you threw!!