Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Time is funny. I can't believe that my babies are two weeks tomorrow.  I also can't believe my "baby" Daci is three in just three short weeks.  Time has flown.

At the same time, I feel like the last two weeks have dragged on.  I feel like the days and nights have run together and they are moving so slowly.

How is that possible?  How can I feel like its gone by so fast and so slow all at the same time?

As hard as the baby stage is, I LOVE it so much!  I already feel like they are getting too big for me!  I just love it when they are teeny, tiny little monkeys that can just curl up on your chest.  I love it that they sleep so soundly that you can make as much noise as you want, and they stay asleep.  I love it when they pull hilarious and adorable faces all day long.  I love the little baby noises. I love that it isn't disgusting when you hear a small explosion come from their rear ends, its just cute ;)  All of these things go away way too fast for me!

Here are some photos my mom and I took when they were around 10 days old.  It was quite the fiasco to do these photo shoots.  Doing one baby is hard enough, throw two in there, and it is nearly impossible :)  We discovered really quick that we had to do one baby at a time and that it was going to wear them out completely to just snap some pics for 5 mins.  It was hard to get very many good ones, but we got at least one good one of each baby and one good one of them together.  Phew!

Little Livvi:

Sweet Street:

So Happy Together:

Litte Secrets :)

And for good measure, my little Daci Bug.  She has been doing so many "big girl" things.  Her attention span has increased by a million the last few weeks.  She will sit at the table for hours and work on drawing pictures.  Seriously I am amazed by the artist she has become!  She colors in the lines, creates her own characters and writes little messages.  She is also enjoying building puzzles and reading stories.  I am so proud of her for how she is dealing with the babies.  She loves them and loves to help out with them.  We have had a few little behavioral issues, but I'm glad she hasn't taken anything out on the babies.

Here she is reading her new Nursery Rhyme book that GG got for her.  After just two times of us reading it with her, she could quote many of the nursery rhymes!  She loves Hot Cross Buns, Little Miss Muffet, and many more.  My favorite is when she quotes Little Miss Muffet and she says "eating her curtains way" instead of "curds and whey" :)

Her man that she drew.  She said he was a pirate :)

Don't mind her crazy hair, I promise it gets fixed everyday, it just depends on how long she will keep it in :)

So focused!


Lady Danburry said...

Kori, they are both so lovely.

Sarah said...

Korinne your kids are so adorable! I love all of the pictures. And I can't believe how big Daci has gotten. Her hair has grown so much and she is such a beautiful little girl.

Ty and Ash Sorensen said...

SO SO SO cute!! Love those little cuties:) Totally know what you mean... TWO weeks has flown and dragged at the same time! They are growing too quick! LOVE reading your blog!! Daci is super cute too!! Glad she can be entertained so you can be with the little ones too:)

Ashley said...

I love the pictures you took of the babies! So cute! It's amazing once you have a new baby around how much older your other child is. I am so glad she is adjusting well! Addy would sit and color for hours too.

Miss Gabe said...

Sweet Kori you are so inspiring! I just read the last two entries and can't believe how amazing you are. So driven, so strong, so beautiful! You are handling things with such grace, keep up the great work.


Todd Family said...

LOVE the pics of the two of them!! so beautiful!! love it! and i feel the same way! it was so hard for me to explain it because i feel like it was just yesterday she was born but i feel like she should be older then 6 weeks too! so weird!

Brenda said...

Kori, again I love everything about this post! All three of your children are so beautiful, and Daci is really looking so grown up! I love her pigtails!

Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

I know everyone says this but your babies really are beautiful. They make me sad at how big mine our. It goes way to fast. To bad the pregnancy doesnt go by so fast. I cant believe mine are almost 3 months. It just get more and more fun everyday. Just wait til they start interacting with Daci. It will melt your heart like you never expected. Congrats again. You look great.

Mrs. Ham said...

they are so beautiful!

LauraJ said...

Such adorable and precious pictures! The babies are so cute and Daci is a doll. I've enjoyed the updates and I'm so impressed you've kept up with blogging, taking pictures, etc. Such cute babies!