Monday, April 23, 2012

3 Months

The advantage to having sick babies and going to so many doctor visits is that I get to find out exactly how much they weigh :) We went to the doctor in Utah on exactly their 12 week mark and Livvi was 14 lb 8 oz and Street was 14 lb!  These two are chunkers and very tall, especially Livvi!! Everytime someone asks me how old they are and I tell them 3 months, they are always shocked.  They say things like, "Oh!  They are big!" or "Oh! I was expecting much older than that!"

C'mon, how cute are they, anyway?!

I wanted to record a few things that they do as individuals, I feel like I kind of lump them together as one person when I am talking about them, but they couldn't be more completely different babies!


Oh my handsome little man, where do I start?  You are such a handful!  You also have such a hold on our hearts and I can't imagine my life without you....well, sometimes I imagine it with a lot less screaming :)  You are a colicky, high maintenance child.  We only get a few minutes a day that you are awake and not screaming at the same time but oh how we cherish those moments.  I was able to capture a few of them in these photos.  Normally you have downturned eyes and lips in your photos because you are almost always on the verge of crying, if you aren't already. But, you were in a rare, happy mood this time! It is my favorite when you are awake and somewhat content.  I say somewhat because even when you aren't crying, you can still tell that there is something bothering you.  It breaks my heart to see you so sad, so often.  It can't feel good to have a tight tummy and a constant burning coming up your throat!

You are soooo strong!  You have been strong since day one.  You lifted your head up so well right when you were born and you continue to amaze us with your strength.  You hardly ever relax.  Your muscles are always taught.  Like in the photo above, you are always using your hands and arms, you never just relax them down by your side.  We got a bumbo this week and you have loved sitting up and watching the world around you.  I think it also helps with your reflux, which is another reason you like it.

You still spit up constantly.  From the second you finish your bottle, until the second you start your next one you are spitting up.  We go through about 4-5 outfits a day for you.  We switched your reflux medication and are hoping we will see some improvement soon!

You just started getting neonatal acne...darn it!  You started later than most babies that get it.  Usually it is just ending at 3 months, but yours is starting now.

You aren't a big smiler.  We really have to work to get a smile!  I would say you really started giving us a few smiles at 12 weeks old, but we still don't get them very often.  When we do, it just makes our day!  Because you don't give them very often, you still aren't very good at them :)  Its so funny to watch you try to figure out how to get both corners of your mouth to lift at once!  You usually get one up and then the other one quivers as you try to pull that side up too :)

Your very favorite thing is "the bounce".  If you are upset and screaming your head off, the bounce can usually calm you down.  Unfortunately, you are getting so big that your dad is the only one that can do it anymore, and even then he can't do it for very long.

You are definitely a daddy's boy.  I can get you to give me occasional little smiles, but you like to save your big ones for your daddy.  I'm okay with that, it melts my heart to see my two boys together :)

You are starting to sleep much better!  In Utah (at 12 weeks) you started giving us a 6 hr stretch, and 2 nights you even gave us an 8 hour stretch!  Since we have been back you have gone 7-8 hours each night.  We started moving your bedtime back and you are going down at 8pm and waking up at about 4am to eat, and then you go back to bed until about 7:30am.  Your mommy really loves you for that :)  Now if we can get you to go 2-3 more hours before you wake up, we will be golden!

I love you, little man!


Beautiful Livvi, you are my angel!  I am so lucky and blessed to have you.  You have such a sweet, easy-going and laid back temperament.  This is very helpful when I have a little boy who demands so much of my time.  You are very patient with your little brother, and I don't know if this sounds crazy, but I think you are also very compassionate.  The other day, Street was screaming his head off next to you on the floor mat and I went over to pick him up, and you were looking right at him, and stroking his head, as if you were trying to comfort him.  I know you are just teeny tiny, and maybe you don't understand yet, and it was just a total coincidence, but I really felt that you were trying to make him feel better.

You are such a smiley baby.  It is so much fun to make you smile!  You started smiling at 7 weeks.  You will just stare and stare at me until I make eye contact, and then once I do, you give me the biggest, gummiest grin you can.  It makes my day!  You are also pretty amused by Daci. You usually have a quizzical look on your face like you think she is crazy as she is being silly and then you will all of a sudden give a big smile.  It just makes Daci's day. I'm also glad you are so patient because Daci loves you a little too much, if you know what I mean :) She likes to smother you with her hugs and kisses!

You are a great sleeper at night.  Just like Street, you are going 8 hours and then you get up when he gets up to eat.  I think that if he didn't wake you up with your crying that you would go longer though.  You are very spatially oriented (if thats even a thing?), you will only sleep for me if you are in your little corner of your crib.  Its like as soon as you get put in there and you see the curtains, and the ceiling, you realize how familiar the setting is and you remember that this is where you sleep.  Once I get you in your crib and give you your bink, you are pretty good about falling asleep.  You are not a big binkie girl.  You never want it during the day or to calm down, but you love it when you are really tired and are cuddled up in your corner in your crib.

You are not the strongest of babies :)  Actually, I think you are more indifferent to working...or in other words, lazy :)  You don't like tummy time, you don't like to hold your head up, you don't like to hold your body up when I sit you on my knee.  You just like to sink into yourself.  I think this is why you feel like you are 5 lbs heavier than Street, rather than just 1/2 lb heavier :)

Thank you so much for being patient with me!  You are such a sweet princess!

I wanted to remember how chubby my little rolly pollys are so I took a few diaper pics:


Left: Street, Right: Liv


Carly said...

Love those two little chubby tall babies, I am one proud aunt! Livvi-future super model (I'm sure by then she will have lost her baby weight;) ) Street-future NBA star

Karen Pedersen said...

I hope you will put the journaling from this post on a scrapbook page of the babies. Those thoughts will be so valuable to them one day.

Liz Smith said...

haha! love them! you are so lucky and so blessed to have two gorgeous and healthy babies plus your awesome little daci. :)

Kate W. said...

You have such beautiful children, Kori -- which isn't surprising, as beautiful as you and your mama are! But I have to admit, that little man of yours just captures my heart. So serious, but so handsome. He is gonna be a charmer, just like his uncles! :)

Todd Family said...

oh so so sweet! they are getting so big and it's so cute! And I am blown away with how well they are sleeping! Z was doing so good up til 3 months and then all of a sudden she wants to have a party every 2 to 3 hours! So what's your secret? I've been blaming her sleeping habits on the fact she is teething because as soon as she started she hasn't been able to sleep as long! Anyway...I'd love to hear how! :)