Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blessing Day

We just got back from a fun trip in Utah!  We blessed the twins at Rick's parents house in Alpine on Easter Sunday and it was beautiful.  Rick did such an amazing job with the blessings and we had a great time with family! I'm so grateful to have a husband worthy of holding the priesthood and for all the other men who also honor their priesthood and were able to stand in the circle with him.

Street wasn't the happiest of boys that day but luckily we were able to keep his fussiness to a minimum with all the people there to bounce him.  When someone would get tired, we would just pass him to the next person who was willing to bounce :) Luckily, he slept through the whole blessing.  Probably because the whole circle was bouncing him in the center!
Handsome Street.  He was really screaming during this whole shoot but I was able to get a few good snaps when he would take a breath :)

Looks like a smile, but really its in between screams :)

Beautiful Livvi was happy as can be.  She was so pleasant all day and everyone loved snuggling with her.

This shows the demeanor of the two when I was taking pics :)  Haha, story of their lives.  Poor Street ended up starting a runny nose that night and was sick again for the whole rest of the trip, so in hindsight he was so fussy because he wasn't feeling well.  This poor kid has had a pretty rotten 12 weeks on this earth if you ask me :(

Livvi was busting out the smiles for me :)
Street was not happy I was trying to take pics of him :)

It was really special to have our extended family members at the blessing.  I was especially excited that my GG (great grandma) was able to come.  She is 93 and such an amazing woman! Daci was her very first great-great grandchild and she just had to be there to see the twins. So glad she could come!

My beautiful GG

Our Five Generation Photo is even bigger now....and we were able to add a boy to it!

Rick's awesome Grandma, Jean

My Aunt Cindy (my dad's sister)

My brother Easton and my cousins, Paige and Katie

My dad cuddling with his first grandson 
My Grandpa and my dad with Street

Two of my besties from High School, Kelli and Kari Jo 

My beautiful Momma

My mom's sister with her family

Daci with her two lovely grandmas after she found her Easter basket.  She is so lucky to have these two!

Rick right before the blessings

The babies uncles, grandpas, and great grandpas.  Also, Brother Nield from the ward.

My brothers Easton and Dawson and Easton's wife Daysha with Daci

The whole Roberts Family (minus Micah, he had to stay in Chicago)

My little cousin Griffin

Dawson loved cuddling with Livvi the whole trip

My sweet Daci Bug

Daysha and Street

Easton and Livvi


Lady Danburry said...

How wonderful to have the whole fam with you!

Karen Pedersen said...

WE loved having you here. It was so hard to let you go back to "Bad 'cago."

Steph said...

These pics are SO special and always will be for those cuties! LOVE the new family pic too! So glad your blessing day was great.

Brenda said...

I love every single one of these photos. Easton and Daysha look pretty comfortable holding a baby! And you, my dear, are as beautiful as your mother!

Liz Smith said...

so beautiful!!! my sister had her baby blessed on easter sunday as well. so special. you guys look great and you look GORGEOUS! i'm so glad you got to go home and spend time with your families. They were probably so sad to see you and those darling babies go. :(

Chelsea and Michael said...

I love their blessing pictures! AMAZING!!