Friday, April 20, 2012

We Meet, At last!

Like I said in my last post, we went out to Utah for a week to visit family.  For almost everyone, it was the first time that they got to meet the twins!  The babies were in heaven all week and loved all the attention they got.  I loved it because I got a nice little break from holding babies all day :)  I also loved it because I feel like they don't get held very much.  Unfortunately with twins, I feel like I can't give them the kind of attention I wish I could.  They are on the floor a lot, rather than in my arms, and I hate that they don't get that contact as much.  This last week totally made up for that!  I don't think they spent hardly any time on the floor :)

The flight to Utah went surprisingly smooth. Well, except for the extreme pat down I got through security.  Apparently my pump looked like a bomb or something :)  Funny thing was at the SLC airport going back they didn't even look twice a the pump.  I think they must be a lot more common there :)  We were welcomed by Rick's parents at the airport.  It was so fun to see Fred see the babies for the first time!  We headed home, but had to make a quick stop to In-N-Out first!  When we got to Rick's house his brother and sister were there to see the babies.

Sophie meeting Street

Fred cuddling with Livvi
That night my family came out to The Roberts house and we had a BBQ.  My brother, Dawson and my Dad got to meet the twins too.  Then my brother Easton, and sister in law Daysha joined us a little later to meet them. It was so much fun having the two families together!

Uncle Dawson and Livvi

Grandpa and Street

Grandma brought Daci an Easter treat

I love this pic.  My dad has been sitting with Daci on his lap and looking at pics on his iPhone with her since she was a tiny baby.  Its their "thing".

Grandma and Street

Easton painting Daci's finger nails.  What a good uncle!

Grandpa quickly learned "the bounce".  Rick enjoyed having lots of people, other than himself, around to bounce Street when he was fussy

Grandpa Dan fell in love with his first grandson

Daysha and Livvi
The next few days the girls spent at the "barn park" and the "big park" with Papou, Yia Yia, Sophie and Sam.  The two girls had a blast running everyone ragged :)

Yia Yia and Daci

Street enjoying the "command station". This was the first time he had been in anything like this and he had fun for a few minutes at a time, then he would go back to his fussing :)
One day my mom and I had a girls day.  We went to lunch and shopping and spent a few hours just trying clothes on.  It was so much fun!  I NEVER get to try anything on anymore.  If I ever do go shopping, I just load up on things I think I will like, take them home, try them on, and then return everything because nothing looks good :)  We had fun modeling for each other.  I'm so bummed I didn't get any pics.  Love ya, Mom!

I got to go see my good friend from Naperville that just recently moved out to Utah, a bonus is that she has done my hair for the last year and I got to get it done while I was out there. It was fun to be pampered and have a little girls night in the process.

Rick and I took advantage of all the amazing babysitters and went out by ourselves on some much needed dates. We went downtown and visited temple square and the new City Creek Shopping Center.  The weather was beautiful that day and it was so much fun to enjoy the spirit on temple square.  City Creek is UH-MAZING!  Seriously, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you should google it :) Its this outdoor shopping mall that is owned by the church.  They brought in a bunch of designers and awesome stores.  Its outdoor but if the weather is bad this cool glass canopy thing extends over the top. I'm not explaining it well, but trust me, it is cool!

We also saw two movies: Hunger Games and Mirror Mirror. And went to lunch and breakfast a few times. It was so fun to get out and spend some quality time together, without children hanging all over us :)

And, it wouldn't be the story of our lives if someone didn't get sick.  Daci got sick a few days into the trip and Street came down with it a few days later.  He was all rattly in his chest again and we were worried it might be RSV again so we took them down to my pediatrician that we go to in Utah.  Can I just say it was an awesome visit, night and day from all the ones I've had out in Naperville.  She spent so much time with us and listened to everything we were concerned about.  She listened to him and suspected it might be RSV but wanted to order a lab on his snot to be sure.  It would still be treated the same if it were just a virus rather than RSV but she said its always good to know for his history.  I was so grateful that she took all the precautionary steps.  It ended up being just a virus but he was really clogged up for a few days.  She prescribed a deep suction at the hospital.  This allowed us to go anytime day or night to the hospital to get him suctioned out.  It helps them breathe better, keeps their oxygen up, and prevents ER visits. The suction literally saved us.  We were there everyday, one time rushing him down at 5am because he was having such a hard time breathing.  I also told her about Street's reflux and how he has been on his medication for 7 weeks and its not getting any better.  She asked which medication it was and was shocked when I told her what they had him on.  She said its a very mild one and wouldn't help with what is going on with him.  She prescribed him a new one.  We started him on it today and I can't wait to see if it works!  Also, when she was trying to listen to his chest he was just doing his normal Street freak out and she couldn't even get the stethoscope on him.  She goes, "Why don't you hold him close to you and cuddle him and let him calm down and then we will try again."  I laughed at that, because you can't calm Street down by cudding him.  He just screams and screams.  The only way to calm him is doing "the bounce" so I handed him to Rick and he starts bouncing him and Street stopped immediately. My doctor pulled this funny face.  I said, "This is what he is like all day, everyday.  The only thing that calms him is the bounce." She immediately said, "He is a colicky baby. I can tell just by the few minutes I've been with him." Thank you!  I have told so many doctors how much he cries and no one seems to care.  She immediately validated that I'm not crazy and he does cry way more than normal babies and he is really hard to handle. I know colicky babies are supposed to grow out of it by 3-4 months.  I am praying he does soon.  I love the little guy so much and feel so awful for him with all the pain he has been through with his reflux and being sick but the crying is really wearing on me.  I can't wait to see him happy!

Rick and Livvi in the doctors office

Poor Street :(

Getting his millionth treatment (or so it feels like!)

Here are some pics of the grandpas.  I was most excited for this trip for the grandpas to see the babies.  I couldn't ask for better grandpas for my kids.  Seriously they are the sweetest, funnest (I know thats not a real word) papas in the whole world and they just adore their grandkids!  It was so sweet to see them both tear up when they met them.
Papa with Livvi and Street

Papou with with Livvi, getting big smiles on both ends 

I had to take this picture for posterity sake.  Both my baby girls got their Papou's head.  Do you see how the back is straight?  Haha.  We like to call it "Fred Head".

 One night we went out to my parent's house in Springville to visit and hang out.
Grandpa building a puzzle with Daci

Grandma and Dac
 The last night there we had another BBQ at The Roberts house to say goodbye.  It was bitter sweet.  So much fun to have everyone together, but hard knowing it was the last time we would see each other for quite a while.
Daws and I

Gma and Daci

Daws and Dac.  I think these two look so much alike!

Papa and Daci

Papou and Street

I was so excited to get a family picture while we were out there!

Grandma and Liv

My handsome boys in their matching plaid shirts :)

Grandma and her grandbabies

YiaYia and her grandbabies

Gma and Gpa feeding the babies for the last time

Pic with my parents
I just have to tell our families how grateful we are for them!  You literally saved my life this week.  I was feeling so run down and like I couldn't do it anymore, and getting the break from having my kids 24/7 was just what I needed :)   I hope that doesn't make me sound like an awful mom! I love Naperville SOOO much and would live here my whole life if I could only have our families here with us.  Its been hard being away from family, especially since the twins were born.  I hate that they can't see their grandkids whenever they want.  I know this is where we are supposed to be at this time in our lives though, and I am so grateful for the wonderful experiences we are having and the amazing people we are meeting!


Karen Pedersen said...

Reading this post filled my eyes with tears. We miss you all so much already. It was heaven having you here.

Michael and Marie said...

What a fun trip! How special to have seen so much family while you were there!

Liz Smith said...

so fun, and in a way im glad you had to go see your doctor out there if anything so that you could finally get some validation! it sounds like she actually took the time to listen. im glad it wasn't anything too serious. i also hope his cholic goes away soon! your trip sounds so great. it's so nice to spend time with family. hopefully it's not too long before you guys see each other again. and i have heard so many cool things about the new city creek center. we have been wanting to plan a trip to utah (we haven't been in forever). maybe soon.

Blake and La-Shana Francom said...

I'm glad you had a great trip and that your family was more then happy to watch your kidlets so you and Rick could have some couple time!! :)

Brenda said...

Again, this was a wonderful post filled with so many lovely pictures and so much heart! I wondered if Street is colicky. Let's pray he gets over that soon - poor babe!


Thats so fun you got to go home and everyone got to meet the twins! I bet Daci needed it to! AND I bet that was so nice to have a break! I love all your pictures! The twins are getting so big!

Kade and Kaylee said...

What a great trip! I have heard so many things about City Creek, I can't wait to see it someday! You are a rock star Kori, seriously! I can't imagine handling everything that you're doing. Love you to pieces!