Thursday, June 28, 2012

A little late....

I forgot to post Rick's Father's Day photos, so here they are.  I woke up and made him French Toast. Yum!
This guy never pulls a real smile when I take pics of him

Opening his present

Reading his card from Daci

She drew these two people.  She said, "Look Mom!  It's my daddy prince and princess Daci!" She continued to tell me that her Daddy prince (on the left) had "his shells on his shoulders", she drew epaulettes on him!  Haha!  She is the princess on the right and she had to make sure I saw the crown she drew on her head.  She is so smart and creative!
That night we had a fun cookout with Carly and Micah.  I'm so mad I forgot to take pics of our delicious meal, but I did manage to snap a pic of the men of the hour lounging out back by the grill :)

Here are some pics I snapped that afternoon after church...I'm kinda sad Rick had already changed out of his clothes into a plain white T-Shirt but I'm not gonna complain cuz he won't usually let me do photo shoots with him :)


Melissa M. McCoy said...

He is a cute dad! John doesn't ever smile his REAL smile either, drives me nuts :) BTW, I had to google epaulettes!

Karen Pedersen said...

Love this post. I am so grateful you picked a such a great husband, but a husband that is also a great father! Love you all!