Monday, June 25, 2012

We love the Springbrook Prairie

The Springbrook Prairie is one of our favorite places here in Naperville.  It is a Forest Preserve, but its very different than the other preserves because it is mostly flat, prairie land.  It is beautiful and has a wonderful gravel path to walk, run or bike on.  Last year we biked the five mile path each week and loved it.  Now that we have two new ones, its hard to bike as a family, but we still like to go walk around.  Rick especially loves it because they have an RC Air Field, he enjoys going and watching them fly.  We have been going the last few weekends as a family to just hang out, enjoy nature, let Daci get her wiggles out, and distract the babies during their fussy time :)  It is absolutely beautiful, but unfortunately it has been pretty dry this year so its not as green as years past.  Its kinda sad to see the Airfield's grass all burnt out when we know how green and luscious is usually looks.  Hopefully we will get some rain soon to spruce it up a bit :)
Daci won't just take a normal picture anymore, she always has to be doing some sort of "balleray" pose and a goofy thing with her hands or face

Daci spent her time picking "flowers" (weeds) and gathering rocks.  This girl DOES NOT sit still!  She also bounced from picnic table to picnic table for most of the time.

She would pick the grass and throw it in the air

Street was so interested in the planes.  He actually followed them in the air!

Super Dad!

This is my favorite view of the prairie.  There is a beautiful marshy pond back there.

Rolling around on the path.  Needless to say, she was super dirty when we got home!


Karen Pedersen said...

Such cute photos. I love you and your little family.

Kade and Kaylee said...

Looks so beautiful! After living in the desert for 4 years.. ANY green at all looks luscious to me! :)