Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This Girl

This face pretty much describes Daci to a tee.  Sweet, with a lot of spice :)
This Girl
-Loves to run, dance and play
-Loves to bake with mom
-Loves to watch mom make dinner
-Loves to wrestle with daddy after work
-Loves to help daddy build his airplanes and go fly with him at the park
-Loves to build forts with the cushions on the couches
-Loves to play doctor
-LOVES to build puzzles
-Loves to color in her coloring books
-Loves to scrapbook with mom...I scrapbook, she creates things with construction paper.
-Loves to hold the babies...especially Liv
-Loves the iPad
-Loves "her iPhone" which is really an old iPod touch, she listens to the Hercules soundtrack with her "microphones" which are really her headphones :)
-Loves Disney Princesses
-Loves Dora and Diego
-Loves to get her nails painted
-Loves to pick the nail polish off her fingers and toes within an hour of getting them painted :-/
-Loves Ice Cream
-Loves tacos
-Loves Chicken.  She asks for Chicken for every meal!
-Loves Wheat Thins
-Loves to be read to
-Loves to read to the babies
-Loves the colors pink and purple
-Loves to go to the park
-Loves Downtown Naperville and Red Mango
-Loves to make funny faces for the camera
-Loves to wear dresses and skirts
-Hates to wear pants, she thinks she looks like a boy.  She will wear leggings without protest though.
-Hates it when my hairs get on her.  Seriously panic attack ensues.  I understand though, I have a hair phobia as well :)
-Hates spiders....also like her mama
-Has become quite picky.  She has always been the best eater, but the last six months or so she has started deciding she doesn't like things.  Luckily, she is old enough that we can "make" her eat certain things.  Like "You have to have five more bites before you get down." It usually works without too many tears :)
-Can't say the sound "th", instead she says "fl" so when she asks for "something" she says "somefling" or when she says "look at my thumb" she really says "look at my flumb!"
-Thinks everything starts with the sound "b".  She says things like "b, b, grandma!" "b, b, tv!" :)
-Is really into finding her owies and showing everyone
-Is very into "balleray" moves
-Is tall and lanky
-Is extremely clumsy....seriously, she trips over her own two feet all the time
-Is the pokiest kid around.  I swear, we ask her to do something and its like she is moving in molasses.  If we say "Quick!", she maybe picks up her speed to a snail's pace.  It is kind of infuriating :)
-Is very hairy! She has a unibrow, and already has thick, dark hair on her legs.  Must be the greek in her :)
-Is mischievous and sneaky.  We find her hiding in a corner with a guilty look on her face a lot, caught in the act of doing something she isn't supposed to be doing, like ripping something apart or chewing on something she isn't supposed to be chewing on.  Oh ya, OR CUTTING HER HAIR OFF!'
-Wakes up by at least 6am every morning, but more recently it has been 5am.  Its like she is missing something if she sleeps!
-Refuses to take a nap, even though she is exhausted by the time 2:00pm hits.  If we are ever in the car at this time, she konks out.
-Is the sweetest big sister you ever did see.  She loves her babies SO much!
-Is the joy of our life.  She keeps us on our toes and has us laughing at the funny things she says all.day.long.

Hopping and dancing.  Doing her "balleray" moves

Dancing for the babies

Helping Mom make cupcakes
Crafting with Cousin Leni


"Balleray" moves.  She gets really serious when shes a ballerina :)

Funny faces for the camera

Such a girly girl.  Purse, painted nails, and skirts

Downtown Naperville

Red Mango!

Konked out in the car

Listening to Hercules on her "iPhone"

Snuggles with Liv

Kisses for Liv

Goofy Girl

Princess Dresses are a must

Funny faces

Climbing at the Park

Helping Daddy with his airplane 


Melissa M. McCoy said...

She is darling, her and Street look like they should be twins!


I finally read the story of how Daci cut her hair!! So funny!! I feel for you, if capri did that i would be so sad! It has taken so long to get her hair to even go into pigtails! I love that she cut it into a really good mullet!!! seriously sad and hilarious!

Karen Pedersen said...

Love this kiddo. What a fun post. You should print this journaling and scrap the photos!