Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In Just One Month....

The babies are six months now.....have been for 12 days....wow, I'm behind.  A LOT has happened in the last month!  I can't believe how much babies learn in such a short amount of time!  Here are A BUNCH of random photos, that show just what my babies have done in the last month.

My friend lent me these two awesome toys.  Thanks Steph!  They have been a lifesaver!  We had to rearrange the family room to fit them so we put all the little baby equipment out in the garage and brought in the big baby equipment :) After a month of mastering the jumparoo (the one on the right), they jump so high that I'm afraid they are going to bounce right out of it!!

First time Street was in it....I think he likes it!

First time Liv was in it....pretty sure she's happy too :)

Playing on the floor together

They love to watch us clean Daci's room from the bed
 They both sleep on their tummies now:

At the beginning of the month, they could both sit up like a tripod but not without holding on to the ground.  Livvi can now sit up without any hands, she did it the day after she turned 6 months. She will just sit and play with toys all day now. I can't believe the balance she has! Street is still a tripod :)

At the beginning of the month....
.....and now

At the beginning of the month...

The first day she sat up without her hands (July 20), I think she was a little surprised she could do it :) Now, she doesn't even have to hold her hands straight out to stay balanced.  She just plays with toys in her hands all day!
At the beginning of the month Livvi was almost holding her bottle all the way through a feeding, but still was a little uncoordinated.  Street finally started holding his at 5 1/2 months old and now they are both pros.  I don't have to put them in their carseats with a blanket propped up under the bottle anymore.  I just lay them on the floor and they feed themselves.  SO nice!

Now that they are more comfortable they have their particular way that they eat.  Street always crosses his feet and Livvi always has her left leg crossed up over her right knee :)
And occasionally they will play footsies while they eat :)

They both still love the bath....that hasn't changed.  They are both HUGE splashers now though.  I need to wear a wet suit to bathe them!

Livvi still gets bright red splotches on her forehead when she cries.  She also sticks her bottom lip out further than I have ever seen anybody!  Ha!
Street still screams bloody murder for most of the day.  Its funny, almost every video I have recorded, Street is crying in the background.  It doesn't seem to matter what I do when he is in one of his fits, whether I'm holding him or not he cries so sometimes I just have to put him down and play with the other two.

 From about 4 pm on it is really hard to keep them happy, especially Street.  I have found that he LOVES to be up on my knees so when Rick comes home from work he usually finds us like this:  Street on my knees, Liv laying next to me, and Daci running in circles around us. Pure chaos, let me tell ya!!

 The big news:  Liv is crawling!  She has been pushing up to her knees since a week before she turned six months.  She would do many creative things to try and get herself to a certain toy :)

Yoga pose

and up on her knees
 Then she would push off her feet and flop forward onto her face. She would keep repeating this inchworm move until she got where she wanted to be.  A week later she was pushing back on her knees and pushing back onto her bum and sitting up without her hands.  A few days after that she was crawling all over the place.  Literally.  I have to watch her so careful now!  She is SO curious!  Street isn't even close to crawling yet.  But, he did FINALLY decide to put his muscles to use and now he rolls all over the place.  These two have such completely opposite personalities!  Liv is such an independent, go-getter.  Street is such a dependent child.  If she wants something, she will work her butt of to get it.  If he wants something he will look me right in the eyes and cry his head off.  His eyes seem to plead, "Get it for me, mommy!" If she drops her bottle, she calmly works to get it back in her mouth.  If he drops his bottle, he freezes and screams his head off.  If she wants a toy, even if it is across the room, she does everything in her power to move her body to get it.  If he wants one, even if it is two inches from his hand, he screams and looks at me til I give it to him.  If Liv takes something from Street, he screams.  If Street takes something from Liv, she takes it right back! These two are hilarious!
This is the EXACT look and cry he gives when he wants something.  He looks right at me and pleads to give it to him.  At this moment he realized his bottle was gone, and Liv still had hers.  He was not a happy camper :)
They still do the skydive :)

Street has intensified his skydive, lifts his legs as high as he can too :)

I just love his cute little body....watching tv, doing the skydive

But it usually looks like this.  Street on his tummy and Liv on her knees. 

Liv has ZERO sense of personal space, Street can't stand to have his personal space invaded.  It makes for some pretty hilarious moments:

Two seconds before I took this picture Street was playing with this rattle.  Liv reached over, grabbed it, and looked pretty pleased with herself.  Street immediately threw a tantrum :)

She is constantly rolling over the top of him

He doesn't like it very much :)

Rolling on top of him

"Why is he so mad, mom?"
She crawled under him and played with a toy while he bounced up and down on her back...didn't bother her at all...made him mad :)
She is always hugging Street and putting her mouth on his head.  I swear she is trying to kiss him, or maybe just eat him, either way...Street hates it

She absolutely loves playing with Daci! Daci doesn't seem to mind when Liv grabs her face :) 
These two play so cute together now that Liv can sit up.  Daci will entertain her forever!  Yesterday they were holding hands and Daci was pulling faces and Liv would just giggle at her.  Sweetest thing!
 Street's favorite thing to play with is a diaper...don't worry we only give him clean ones.  Seriously, if he is screaming bloody murder, we can almost always give him a diaper and he will stop immediately.  He loves them so much, that he is constantly trying to rip Liv's off to play with! HA!  Liv doesn't ever seem to mind.  Funny thing is that if Liv were trying to rip Street's off, our eardrums would probably rupture!

They also both love this train!  Livvi sits up and plays with it and Street plays on his tummy.  This is the only thing I have seen Street actually work for.  When I get it out, he tries with all his might to get to it :)

Street got sick last Friday, Liv got sick two days later.  I hate it when my babies are sick :(  Its so sad hearing them struggle at night because their noses are clogged and they are coughing. It is also rough to be sleep deprived.  Liv's ended up turning into an ear infection.  You never would have known it though.  Even though she was miserable, she was still pretty happy.  I only took them into the dr because Street was even fussier than normal.  Turns out he was fine, Liv had the infection.  Why was I not really surprised by that? :) We got through it though, thankfully!

Liv lost her voice about three days into being sick.  I would hear this hissing sound, like air being let out of a balloon and look down and she would have this sad face.  She was trying to cry but couldn't get the noise out :(

Sick babies :(

We started solids this week!  They have both seemed so hungry last last week or two.  They have only been on my milk and formula and I was going to wait until their doctor appt (would make them six months and one week) but I decided maybe it was time to give them some.  So, on their six month birthday I mashed up an avocado.  That first night they both ate some and loved it.  The next day was Street decided he didn't like it:

Liv downed hers, Street wouldn't touch his :)
 Over the next few days I tried avocado and carrots.  Liv loved both, Street hated both.  Every time I put a bite in his mouth he would pull a face, gag really hard, and scream his head off.  I finally tried banana and he LOVES it!  I don't know if its the texture or the flavor that he hated about the veggies.  Either way, we gotta get him over it :)

I decided to make my own baby food to save money.  Surprisingly I enjoy it :)  I have a blendtech and it does wonders! Yesterday I made sweet potatoes, green beans, bananas, and squash.  I'm going to do peaches, peas, corn, and carrots this week too.  I think I should have about a month's worth stocked up!
I was looking through my phone and found this pic.  Dac must have snuck a pic while I was feeding them :)

They had their Dr appt last week.  I will post their stats along with their six month photo shoot in the next post.  Lets just say, Street is a string bean and Liv is a porker :) She is a pound and a half bigger than him but he is an inch longer.  They eat the same amount, but Street screams it off.  I wonder if Liv will start shedding pounds now that she is moving so much?

Let me leave this incredibly LOOOOONG post with these two cute pics:

As much as Street cries, he also gives me some pretty cute smiley moments.  They are few and far between but I cherish them.  Isn't he adorable?  I heart baby boys in overalls :)

My six month old babies right before we went to their check up.  I am smitten!


Liz Smith said...

they are getting so big!! so cute. my favorites are the ones of Livvi all up in street's business. Lol. seriously, i don't know how you do it, but you are doing an amazing job! youre def one of my heroes! love your fam!

Kelli Haub said...


And you are one amazing mama! You do so much and are so stinken good at it. Luv ya and miss ya!

Karen Pedersen said...

Love this post, but then again I love all of your posts. The babies are getting so big. I can hardly wait to see you all in a few weeks. LOVE you all so much!

Melissa M. McCoy said...

I have never EVER wanted twins until yours came along...it looks like so much fun. I'm sure it is so difficult, but you make it look easy. I can't believe Liv is crawling already! I totally feel for Street, she would drive me nuts too! :) I love how different they are.

McKenzie... said...

Your kids are so cute. I absolutely love when you post! I love how they have such strong little personalities at such a young age. I love the pictures of them in their diapers hold their bottles. So cute. You are such a cute mommy. Now move back to utah so I can see you and them every once in a while!:)

Ashley said...

I love all the cute pictures! It makes me laugh to see Liv all in Street's space. I can't believe Liv is crawling! You will soon have two very mobile babies. My kids just looked through all the pictures with me and of course are wanting you babies. :)

Todd Family said...

haha that post was awesome! that is hilarious about Liv all over Street! So funny! I think I would be laughing all the time when poor Street got his toy taken away! lol Zealynn loves diapers too! (and everything that comes with it...wipes, changing pad, butt paste,e tc.) seriously...give her a toy and she'll turn to get the butt paste! you are doing a wonderful job..they are super cute!

Marie said...

how did I miss this post! What a fun great update!