Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Girls Trip!

Our trip to Dallas was so much fun, not just because we got to see my mom get an award and play with my mom and dad, but also because Daci and I got to spend a lot of alone time together!  Its crazy, for three straight years Daci and I were alone pretty much all day, every day.  I never went anywhere without her or did anything without her.  When the babies were born that all changed.  It felt so weird to be alone with her again, even though I had done it everyday for three years just six months earlier!  I think she loved having mommy all to herself and that she didn't hear, "After I feed the babies" or "When the babies go down".  She was really good on the trip and I had so much fun with her!

The other great thing was that I got to have an awesome babysitter as well!  My dad did so much with Daci and kept her entertained pretty much the whole day the second day so that I could go watch my mom do her classes and then go dancing with her that night!  It was so nice to have a little bit of a break from 24/7 mommyhood :)
On our way to TX, she got her wings :)
Daci thought the hotel was the greatest thing ever!  She has never stayed in a hotel and didn't quite understand what it was.  When we landed I said, "Now we are going to the hotel."  The whole way there she kept saying, "Where's the show and tell, Mom?!" Haha.  The second we walked in our room she excitedly went to town.  She was fascinated.  She grabbed all the pillows off of the bed and kept building little beds around the room.  She closed the curtains and turned off all the lights and said, "Good night, Mom!"  Then she would jump up and run to another bed she had made.  Going to bed has never been so fun :)
One of her "beds"

She was really excited when I ordered room service for dinner (we had to stay hidden from my mom so we ate in the room rather than risking running into her in the halls). She couldn't believe we could have dinner brought to our bedroom! 

After dinner we got all fancy for the award ceremony.  My dad got there a few hours after we did and when he came to the room Daci flipped out!  He was knocking at the door and calling, "Daci!" and she was so excited she didn't know what to do.  She started running in circles by the door and yelling, "Mom!  IT'S GRANDPA!!!!"
These two have done this since Daci was just a few months old.  She sits on his lap and they look at pictures and videos together.  When I told her my dad was going to be there she said, "Is he going to show me hunting pictures on his phone!?" and that is the first thing they did :)
After the ceremony we walked across the lobby to where the party was.  They had these elephants in the lobby and everytime we walked by Daci had to run over and touch them.

After the party we were starving!  So we went back to the room and changed and headed down to one of the hotel restaurants.  By this time it was 10pm.  Daci was so hyper and didn't show any signs of stopping.  She said she "reeeeeeeeaaaaaaalllly" wanted to go eat with grandpa so we went down.  

About thirty minutes into it she started rubbing her eyes and saying, "Mommy, I'm so tired." I told her as soon as the bill came we were going to go.  She said, "Ok", took a bite of bread and fell asleep mid bite!  It was absolutely hilarious!  She slept against the chair with her bread in her hand for the next 15 minutes.

Then my dad carried her back up to the room...

The next morning she was ready to go!  We went to breakfast with my dad (mom was teaching at Extravaganza all morning and afternoon) and passed the elephants again.....

Then Grandpa said he would take her swimming while I went to watch my mom's class
She was only a little bit excited :)

After the class I went out to snap a few pics.  They were having a blast!

Motor boat

Jumping off the ladder to grandpa

They had these duck floaties. She was obsessed.

He talked her into letting him take her under the water.....she didn't like it all that much :) 
The kangaroo.  He would bounce around the pool with her on his back.

Just chillin' by the pool
That evening mom got to meet up with us and go to dinner!  

We weren't sure where to eat so I looked up "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" to see if there was a restaurant that good ol' Guy Fieri recommended that was near us.  There was one just a mile or so away.  We got a cab and drove out to this gem.  It was pretty sketchy looking from the outside.  In fact, we pulled up and all had second thoughts.  The cab driver acted like we were idiots.  He said, "Get back in the cab and I'll take you to a good restaurant!"  Haha.  We decided to have an adventure.  So glad we did.  THe food was delicious!  I knew Guy wouldn't lead us astray :)

I'm such a fan :)
 After dinner dad took Daci back up to the room and mom and I got our groove on!  They had line dancing for all the scrapbooking ladies.  It was fun to go out and dance again :)

My mom next to her star.

Messing around.  She may just kill me for posting this.  Ha!

 The next morning we had to say goodbye.  Daci was not happy about it at all!  She didn't want to leave her grandma and papa :(
One last iphone session :)
We went with my dad to the airport (my mom was flying out later that day).  We went to eat and then hung out for a bit.  It was time for us to board.  My dad told Daci goodbye and she did pretty good but then when she realized he was actually gone for good she had a meltdown :(  "I want my papa!"  and big alligator tears ensued.  It was so sad :(

On the plane ready to take off

Watchimg Little Mermaid

And eating her big sucker grandma got her

Right before we started descending we were in the biggest, fluffiest, whitest clouds I've ever seen.  It was beautiful!

 We had a wonderful trip!  So fun to spend time together, and with my parents!  I'm very grateful to Close to my Heart for allowing us to come to the convention!!


Kade and Kaylee said...

What a fun trip Kori!! Tell your mom Congrats! That is really awesome! The pics of you the night of the award ceremony are freakin Gorgeous! You seriously look SO good! Is that dress from H&M? I bought one from there that looks just like it! But I wasn't sure if it was the same! I don't know how you handle Daci crying when you have to leave. Break my heart! Love you girl!

Karen Pedersen said...

You're right...I am more than a little bit embarrassed about that Saturday Night Fever pose. Oh well. We had fun, right? Love you guys and am so happy you got to come to Dallas!

Brenda said...

Kori, I love to read your posts. I just went through and caught up with all the last few. I was so proud to be a Pacemaker as your mother received her Spirit award. She really, really deserves this and has been such a wonderful mentor to me. I loved meeting your dad and Daci. What a wonderful pair they are together!! I was hanging back watching you guys dance, and you were having so much fun. That is awesome that you had that special time with your mom! You know, you might not get to scrapbook very much right now, but your blog is going to be an excellent resource for you to come back to when you do have the chance. Those little memories like Daci's beds and getting room service - those are such important every day details! Sending lots of love!

Ty and Ash Sorensen said...

So fun that you and Daci got a little get a way with your parents!! :)