Monday, July 23, 2012

Papou Came to Visit!

 Papou came to visit! He came to play with Daci and help watch the twins while I was in Texas.  It was so much fun having him here! He sure spoiled Daci rotten....just like Grandpas should :)

Can you tell how excited Daci was to see him the first morning?! 
The first evening we went downtown Naperville to eat and then walked over to Le Chocolat

Daci wouldn't let go of his hand for one second :)

"I want that!"

"Can I have this beautiful butterfly cookie, Papou?!"
The next day he took Daci out to Geneva.  They walked around the cute little town all day, got some yummy food, visited a famous chocolate shop and went in a pink girls shop.  He spoiled her with pink fairy wings and tatooed earrings.  Who knew Papou was so good with girls!?

Wings and Earrings
While we were in TX Fred was amazing!  He took care of the babies all by himself on Friday while Rick was at work.  I was so impressed!  Then the two men took care of the munchkins Saturday and Sunday.  I am so glad I was able to leave them in such great hands! Thanks so much, Fred!!

When we got back from TX, Fred and Daci discovered Centennial Beach.  They were there two hours the first day. The twins and I joined them for about an  hour and a half the next day, and then they went back for another five hours! THen back again the next day.  Daci loved having him all to herself and she especially loved doing something outside of the house! We don't get out much since I can't really do all three kids on my own so I'm glad she was able to have a little bit of fun this summer!

Queue snap happy photos by mom at the beach:

Saying "good bye" to my dad in Texas was pretty traumatic for Daci.  Once we got back, every night she would have a meltdown because she was afraid Papou was leaving.  We always reassured her he would be back in the morning.  The night she had to say her real good byes was so sad.  It really broke my heart.  As much as I absolutely love living here, It is so hard living away from family.  Especially now that Daci is old enough to understand and miss her grandparents.  We are grateful for the little visits we do get to have though!


Karen Pedersen said...

Love this post and the pics. I feel a beach layout coming on!

Brenda said...

I love this post! The pictures and story are wonderful!

Kelli Haub said...

I may have teared up looking at that last picture... I'm just saying!

And do they make Daci's suit in my size? It is so stinken cute!

in morse code said...

babies in swimsuits get me every time. and so fun to have family visit. those grandparents are so special.

Melissa M. McCoy said...

Wow, I am so impressed! Fred deserves an award! That last picture is so cute/heartbreaking.