Thursday, June 28, 2012

A little late....

I forgot to post Rick's Father's Day photos, so here they are.  I woke up and made him French Toast. Yum!
This guy never pulls a real smile when I take pics of him

Opening his present

Reading his card from Daci

She drew these two people.  She said, "Look Mom!  It's my daddy prince and princess Daci!" She continued to tell me that her Daddy prince (on the left) had "his shells on his shoulders", she drew epaulettes on him!  Haha!  She is the princess on the right and she had to make sure I saw the crown she drew on her head.  She is so smart and creative!
That night we had a fun cookout with Carly and Micah.  I'm so mad I forgot to take pics of our delicious meal, but I did manage to snap a pic of the men of the hour lounging out back by the grill :)

Here are some pics I snapped that afternoon after church...I'm kinda sad Rick had already changed out of his clothes into a plain white T-Shirt but I'm not gonna complain cuz he won't usually let me do photo shoots with him :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

We love the Springbrook Prairie

The Springbrook Prairie is one of our favorite places here in Naperville.  It is a Forest Preserve, but its very different than the other preserves because it is mostly flat, prairie land.  It is beautiful and has a wonderful gravel path to walk, run or bike on.  Last year we biked the five mile path each week and loved it.  Now that we have two new ones, its hard to bike as a family, but we still like to go walk around.  Rick especially loves it because they have an RC Air Field, he enjoys going and watching them fly.  We have been going the last few weekends as a family to just hang out, enjoy nature, let Daci get her wiggles out, and distract the babies during their fussy time :)  It is absolutely beautiful, but unfortunately it has been pretty dry this year so its not as green as years past.  Its kinda sad to see the Airfield's grass all burnt out when we know how green and luscious is usually looks.  Hopefully we will get some rain soon to spruce it up a bit :)
Daci won't just take a normal picture anymore, she always has to be doing some sort of "balleray" pose and a goofy thing with her hands or face

Daci spent her time picking "flowers" (weeds) and gathering rocks.  This girl DOES NOT sit still!  She also bounced from picnic table to picnic table for most of the time.

She would pick the grass and throw it in the air

Street was so interested in the planes.  He actually followed them in the air!

Super Dad!

This is my favorite view of the prairie.  There is a beautiful marshy pond back there.

Rolling around on the path.  Needless to say, she was super dirty when we got home!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One month older, and wiser too!

These cuties are five months old today!  So much has happened in the last month!  They are both so much stronger, enjoy playing with toys, have found their feet and LOVE them, enjoy tummy time, and so much more!  They are each doing a lot of different things as well so I will highlight those in their individual comments.  Enjoy the picture and info overload!

-We moved them to their very own cribs this week!  Such a big step!  We should have done it a month ago but couldn't decide how we wanted to arrange it.  Should we move Liv in with Daci?  No, she would wake her up since she doesn't always make it through the night.  They also go down at the same time but Daci usually sings and plays and reads books in her bed for about an hour so it would keep Liv up.  We finally decided to move the other crib in with us and now we have wall to wall furniture!  AH!  Hopefully in the next month or two we will get them going 12 hours at night and then we can get them out :)
-General Schedule: wake up at 7:30am, first nap at 9:30-sleep 1-2 hours, second nap at 1-sleep 1-2 hours, third nap if they need it at 4 for about 30 mins, bedtime at 7

Today, on their five month birthday.  I don't think I've ever gotten one of them both smiling at the same time.  Score!

First morning after sleeping in their own cribs!

Our current sleeping arrangement :)

My cute friend who had her twins the day before mine gave me this awesome idea.  Why did I not think of it sooner! ? They love sitting up and playing with their toys

These little toys are their favorites!  I got them as gifts when Daci was born and when we were moving and I was trying to de-clutter I thought, "I should get rid of one of them, I don't need two." So glad I didn't get rid of one because they love them!

We call this the "skydive".  Street NEVER puts his hands down when he is on his tummy.  Livvi almost always has them down but this particular day when Rick was watching them she kept doing the skydive.  She wanted to be just like her little brother :)

Just chillin' in our onesies :)


I seriously can't get enough of this kid.  He is my handsome little man.  I call him a handsome devil.  I think it fits him well :)  He is lots of work and very high maintanence but he sure has me wrapped around his little finger!

-About three weeks ago he found his feet and hasn't put them down since :)  If he is on his back, he's got his toes in his hands, and often times his mouth :)  It is the cutest thing.  He just rolls around like a little potato bug.  I love it!!
-If he has the choice between playing with a toy or holding his feet, his feet win everytime
-He also always has his fingers, or his whole fist, in his mouth.  So cute!
-No longer a binkie boy.  He won't take it at all.  So wierd because he always had to have it up until about 8 weeks.  Then he got sick and I think it was too hard for him to breathe with it in his mouth so he has given it up.
-Is totally and completely strong enough to roll, just doesn't have the desire to.  He does roll up onto his side though and sticks his foot in his mouth.
-Is still pretty fussy most of the day.  If I hold him he is pretty good though.  I secretly think that I am his favorite person ;)  Its so cute how he clings to me and lays his head on my chest.  I just LOVE it!
-Still drinks 4oz of breast milk every 3 hours
-Sleeps from 7pm-3 or 4am each night.  There have been a few times that he has made it to 5 or 6am.
-He definitely dictates when they get up.  Livvi would sleep until probably 6am each day but Street wakes her up with his crying so they both get up to eat.
-Is still on Prevacid for his nasty reflux.  I have seen a HUGE improvement though.  He still spits a lot, but not all day, every day.  We can generally make it to bedtime before we absolutely HAVE to change his clothes now :)
-He sleeps on his right side
-He is obsessed with his blankie.  He has to have his whole face covered with it when he sleeps.  The second we give it to him he rolls up on his right side and pulls his blankie over his face :)

Gotta have the feet in one hand, and the other hand in his mouth :)

Rolls up on his side and holds one leg when he watches tv

Super flexible!  Gotta get the whole foot in my mouth, Mom!

Likes to cook with me :)
Can sit up like a tripod for a few seconds.  Only if his hands are down and his body is leaning forward though.
The infamous skydive 
And of course, the spit up


-Happiest baby in town
-ALWAYS smiling
-Cries only when she wants food
-Found her toes about two weeks ago and loves them.  She will put them down for a toy though, unlike Street :)
-Started rolling about a week ago and is now the rolling queen!  She will go from one end of the room to the other.  We have to be really careful about what is on the floor now because whatever she lands on goes straight in her mouth :)
-The first few days after she started rolling were really tough with nap time.  She would roll right over but then not know how to fall asleep on her tummy.  She missed quite a few naps because she wouldn't stay on her back and was freaking out!  Luckily, she has figured out now that if she wants to go to sleep she better stay on her back.  She fell asleep once on her tummy but you can tell she doesn't like it.
-She is a complete daddy's girl!  The other day she was crying and crying and I couldn't calm her down.  I took her over to Rick and the second I gave her to him she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave me the HUGEST grin!
-When she gets really upset and screams really hard (which is like once a week) her forehead and head break out in this crazy rash.  Bright red dots.  Really weird.  
-She loves her food and is quite a bit bigger than her brother.  I love her sausage fingers and thunder thighs!
-Doesn't nap very long but sleeps great at night 
-Loves her binkie when she goes to sleep
-Has had two episodes of full on belly laughter.  So funnY!  I caught it on video and will upload it soon.

Hmm, which do I choose?

She will hold her bottle pretty well, hasn't made it through a whole feeding by herself, but pretty close

Actually fell asleep on her tummy!

Loves her daddy!  See story of this pic above

Wierd rash she breaks out in when she cries really hard