Friday, January 18, 2013

11 Months (a whole month late!)

Seeing that it is the babies birthday's tomorrow and that I started their Eleven Month post before I went to Utah but never finished, I thought I would get it up a day before their next monthly milestone :)  So much has changed in one month and it is weird to look back at this now!  Enjoy!

The babies turn 11 months toda (this was written on December 19)!  What!?  Pretty soon I will have one year old twins?!  I heard the first year would be a blur...I would say that is pretty accurate :)  Feels like I just brought them home from the hospital, but the individual days feel so long.  Doesn't make sense, I know.  Heres the monthly recap!

Miss Liv:

Still so happy!  She is happy almost all day, every day! I just love her huge grin and infectious belly laugh :)

Still working on walking everywhere.  She is up to about 15 steps at a time now.  She will plop on her bum, and then get right back up again!
More walking practice...she is my chunk!

Maybe we figured out why she is a chunk.....she loves to steal Street's bottle when they are drinking and then wave it around her head in the air like a prize she has just won :)
She really likes this toy.  Its a thing that you pump and the ball inside swirls around.  She is really fast at it!  Her arms start going crazy and the ball spins faster and faster.  She gets really excited about it :)

Just a random picture of my little beauty

This is the face she pulls when she is fake crying :)  She found her bottle in the diaper bag when we were at Carly's.  It wasn't time to eat yet but she sure wanted it right then.  She started fake crying/wailing and pulling this face :)
They have both been sick the last two weeks.  Nothing major, just lots of snot and congestion, which makes it hard to sleep.  They keep sneezing and these long strings of snot hang from their nose.  I know it is disgusting, but its pretty funny too :)

Liv is rarely sad but when she is she is super cuddly!
One night she woke up crying.  She is never the one to wake up upset.  I went to check on her and she seemed to not be feeling well.  I brought her down on the couch with me while I watched TV and she literally sat like this, cuddled up to me, and gripping my shirt for at least 30 mins.  This was SO rare.  My kids NEVER cuddle and if they do its for only a minute max.  It was heaven!  Although I felt really bad for her because I knew she must not be feeling well at all to be acting like that.

The next day she was still pretty clingy.  She wanted to hold my hand everywhere she went :)

This girl absolutely HATES to be gated in!  She is a master escape artist as well.  Doesn't matter how well I baricade it (see the chairs and the carseats blocking the exits?), she STILL gets out!  Sometimes she gets stuck like this and screams at me until I come help her
I have fun dressing my two girls alike:

Liv is a good sport and rarely fusses when Daci treats her like a rag doll :)

She found a pen one day and drew all over her face :)
She LOVES Costco, she smiles and giggles during our whole trip

I can't keep a bow on this girl to save my life! I knew the day would come where she wouldn't leave them on anymore, but it still makes me super sad :(

She won't lay (or sit, for that matter!) still to drink her bottle.  She walks around and plays with toys while she drinks it :)

Mr Street:

Standing for a max of about five seconds
Loves to get into the cord drawer!

Throws the most adorable tantrums.  Haha! He wanted something (probably my phone), and I didn't give it to him so he started shrieking and wailing, put his head on the ground, and covered his eyes.  Seriously!?  He is only 11 months old!
This is another tantrum he likes to pull...he clings to my leg and wails.  Haha!  I think it is hilarious!

He gets really cuddly when we are outside.  He likes to snuggle up to his daddy when its a little bit chilly outside :)

cutest face ever

He loves to put things in his mouth

Another rare cuddle moment...he was teething this day :(

Seriously love this smile and those two bottom toofers!

He also had a stringy snot experience :)

These two are too cute!  I can't get enough of them!
They LOVE their baths!
They both LOVE these mint containers.  They play with them like rattles.  Its usually my "go-to" toy when they are getting frustrated in public :)

This shows their personalities perfectly.  They both love Costco but Street rarely shows that he is happy and Liv is always bubbling over with enthusiasm :)

They are both masters of "So big!"  I had NO idea what this was.  When I first moved to Naperville my friend asked me if I knew what "So big!" was.  I had no clue.  She said her doctor asked her if her 9 month old could do "So big" and she was like, "What is that? I didn't know that was a thing." Well sure enough, at my kids 9 month appt they asked me if my kids could do "So big!" I started working on it with them and they are both "So big" professionals now :)
This was a very rare moment.  They never lay still to drink their bottles, but this particular time it was really cold in the house so I made them warm bottles and snuggled them up in a blanket together :)

They both LOVE to play with this train together
They are so excited when dad comes home from work each day, they swarm him and beg to be picked up :)

They are so hilarious to watch.  When we were in Costco they just started playing with each others heads and clothes, etc.  Didn't even phase them, they just kept grabbing at each other and never once got mad :)

Liv has been standing for three months now and is sturdy as a rock, Street just started standing and is super wobbly, only lasts a few seconds :)

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Karen Pedersen said...

It was so much fun having you all here. IT's awesome to look at a blog post and not just be excited to see the kids, but to think, "Hey, I saw them at this stage!" Love you all!