Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Birthday Party!

My babies are one year old today!  What!?  We had a birthday party for them two weeks early when we were in Utah.  I went with the Thing 1 & Thing 2 theme for the party and I think it turned out pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself! :) I have to give props to my very artistic husband.  I asked him to do all the piping.  My poor lupus hands don't handle things like that well, but if I'm being honest, I knew he would do it much better than I ever could!  I wanted to do two smash cakes for the babies that looked like Thing 1 & Thing 2's wigs so I got a grass tip and he went to town! I also wanted little cupcakes that looked like the wigs for the guests to eat.

He took his job very seriously :)

Piping the cupcakes

Aren't they awesome!?

Piping the cakes.  All in all he spent four hours piping cakes and cupcakes!  My hero :)

Before the party I got them all dressed up in red and white and I ordered them matching turquoise headbands and bowties!  Ah!  I love them :)

I am in love with this pic :)  I think its hilarious how much bigger Liv is than Street

The shoot was going awesome until Liv tried to stand up and completely nose dived forward.  Rick luckily caught her by her face one centimeter before it hit the cement but it still shook her up pretty bad.  She would not take a picture on the steps after that!
 We did Street by himself while we calmed Liv down and we got some awesome pics of him!

This picture melts my heart!

We tried with Liv but as long as we were on the steps she was crying

So we moved down to the sidewalk and all she wanted to do was walk around. Gr!

So we had to settle for some candid shots inside the house
This one turned out pretty cute :)
 Then the guests arrived!  We just had Rick's immediate family and my immediate family come for soup, salad and breadsticks.  Then we had the cake smashing and present opening.  The babies were pretty pooped by the end of the night.  Street was in full on meltdown mode.  Come to find out a few days later that they both had raging ear infections, so I can't really blame them for the fussiness and melt downs :)

The decor!
The cakes and cupcakes.  I made the toppers on the cakes :)
The banner I made.  The lighting is horrible because it was up against the window

Grandpa and Street

Grandpa Dan and Liv
My beautiful babies!

Mom and Liv
Mom and Street
Dancing with Uncle E at the party
Liv with Easton and Daysha
The kids in my family.  My brothers are goof balls :)

Birthday kids waiting for the food

Grandma and Daci, who dressed up special as Snow White for the party :)
The grandpas

Rick and I with the babies

Candles are lit!

Bringing the cakes over.  By this point, Street had had enough of the party!

Liv dug right in

Street touched the cake and.....

I got some icing in his mouth.  He actually liked the taste, but he was terrified of the cake :)

I love this pic.  This is so typical of these two.  Liv is content and exploring on her own and Street is having a meltdown :)

Trying to get away from his scary cake
 Liv of course loved her cake :)

"Please save me!"

Time for presents....Street was losing it, so we just quickly ripped off the paper and called it a night :)

Liv was more into the presents
She liked the bow on this one :)
Daci liked helping :)
And that scream sealed the to bed they went!

I had so much fun putting this party together!  I'm so grateful we got to celebrate with family!  Can't believe these little boogers are one!  I'm looking forward to their one year check up on Wednesday, then I will give their monthly milestone update :)


Karen Pedersen said...

What a fun night that was. We loved having you all here and being able to share in the party!

amcgrew said...

What an adorable party for two oh so adorable babies!
They are so lucky to have you and Rick as their parents!

Melissa McCoy said...

I love this idea! So perfect for those two, they are adorable and Rick is amazing!

Jordan said...

Those cakes and decorations are amazing! Happy birthday babies!

Erin said...

wow I am so impressed that your husband decorated all those goodies! Love the theme and their cute outfits~ Happy Birthday to your cuties!

Chelsea said...

I can't believe Rick did all that piping! michael would have just told me not to worry about it and left it just blue frosted with a knife. It looks like an amazing party and I love all the pics of the babies! So fun!

Kade and Kaylee said...

Ok I am so impressed with Ricks skills and the fact that he would spend 4 hours doing it! Kade would NEVER! You got yourself a good hubby! The party is absolutely amazing! If I ever get a child on this earth I'm hiring you to do their parties!