Friday, January 25, 2013

One Year Post

This was taken on their actual birthday.  Love the pic, hate that its so dark :(

Trying to get a pic of the two of them both sitting still, looking at the camera, and smiling is completely rare.  This is the best we could do :)


22 lb 5 oz, 75th percentile
30 1/2 inches long, 75th percentile
17 1/4 inch head circumference, 25th percentile
-Has the cutest little squeeze-toy giggle
-Loves to make us laugh
-Does this funny little "a-choo" thing where he tips his head back, and then throws it forward with a little "A-choo" and then a giggle, and then he quickly looks at us to see if we are laughing.
-Yells, "MOM!" at me when he wants me attention.  SO cute!
-Loves to stick his tongue in and out and then laugh his head off about it :)
-Is taking about ten steps at a time
-He high steps when he walks and he holds his arms straight up in the air to keep balance :)
-Loves to play peek-a-boo and so big
-Has this piercing scream he does when he wants more food and we aren't being fast enough
-We are pretty positive he has night terrors.  It is the scariest/weirdest/freakiest/creepiest/semi-funniest thing. He wakes up in this sheer panic with shrill screams.  We go in to pick him up and its like he has no clue we are there.  His eyes are open but he never focuses on us.  He just thrashes his head around and screams at the top of his lungs.  Then, all of a sudden he stops, stares at something in space, points at it, and then gets this terrified look on his face and starts screaming again.  No lie, I swear this kid sees ghosts! (Does anyone have any experience with a baby this little with night terrors?)
-He points to things and says, "Oh" but its a weird sound in the back of his throat so it sounds more like "Gggo!"
-He loves to yell "DUH!" and wants you to imitate him, we can have a "DUH!" back and forth match for five minutes and he won't get sick of it :)
-He does this hilarious thing where he squeezes his little fists together, clenches as hard as he can that his whole body shakes, and yells "AAAUUUHHH!" This is also an imitation game for him.  He loves it when we will do it back and forth with him.
-He loves to dance, especially to One Direction "What Makes You Beautiful".  He rocks back and forth on his bum, he gets going so fast and hard that his legs pop up off the floor into a V :)
-In his crib he stands up to the side of it and rocks side to side
-He loves to eat
-When he doesn't want a certain food he picks it up, looks us right in the eyes, and then throws it overboard onto the ground and then gives us a mischievous grin.  Stinker!
-When I change Livvi's diaper every time, without fail, he comes over and smacks her in the face and then laughs. Poor Liv!
-He LOVES to pull Rick's hair.  He thinks it is hilarious.
-He learned how to blow kisses.  He sucks in his cheeks as hard as he can and then lets it go in a loud smack.
-When he sees himself in the mirror or in my iphone camera he immediately puckers up and blows kisses at himself
-He also loves to play peek a boo
-He is really sneaky and loves to try to climb up and over things to get to the things he isn't supposed to touch
-He is such a little stinker.  He will do something he knows he isn't supposed, like get into certain cupboards or drawers, or put something in his mouth and then look at me.  When he sees me about to say "No" he shakes his head "no" at me.  Haha!  Its so cute :)
-This kid is obsessed with the stairs.  If the gate is ever down for more than one second, he is all the way up the stairs.  He is so stinkin' fast! He has never fallen down them....knock on wood.
-He loves my iphone and Rick's laptop, he's an apple fan boy just like his daddy :)
-He crawls SO fast!  He looks like a little spider when he crawls.
-He likes to throw EVERYTHING and he has a really good arm!  He always picks something up, transfers it to his right hand, and lets it go.  He loves to play catch with anything, not just balls :)
-He has six teeth, two on bottom, four on top.  I absolutely love his two toofers on the bottom and will secretly be sad when he gets more down there.
-The doctors think he has asthma.  It only seems to come out when he gets sick but his breathing gets labored and it gets rattly and wheezy in his chest.
-He STILL has acid reflux, but he isn't throwing up anymore, we can just hear it coming up and down in his chest and throat and then he will cry out in pain.  So, he is still on Prevacid and we will reevaluate at 15 months.
-At his one year birthday, Street had had an ear infection in his left year for six straight weeks! He had been sleeping HORRIBLY for those six weeks, waking up multiple times a night.  Who can blame him though, poor guy :(  He got tubes on January 21st and we are hoping his sleep habits turn around :)

-24 lbs 12 oz, 95th percentile
-31.25 inches, 97th percentile
-18 inch head circumference, 75th percentile
-8 teeth, 4 on top and 4 on bottom
-She almost always has a big cheese-ball grin on her face.  She has lots of different smiles for different things.  I love all of them :)
-She says, "Uh-Oh!" with a little cough emphasis on the "uh" part.  She doesn't use it correctly, she just figured out that noise a few weeks ago and uses it a lot :)
-She also says, "BA-ba" for her bottle.  She LOVES to eat, as you can tell by her weight ;)
-She has always been an independent, go-getter.  She started walking a few steps at a time at 10.5 months and by 11 months she was mostly only walking and at 11.5 months she had given up crawling all together and only walks everywhere now.  She seems like such a big girl!
-She also loves to dance, especially to "What Makes You Beautiful", she swings her body side to side and waves her head all over the place :)
-She loves to be held and spun in circles.  SHe smiles and giggles and then when you stop, she waves her head side to side to get you to spin again :)
-She loves to wave, clap, play "so big" and "peek a boo"
-She won't give kisses anymore.  Makes us so sad!
-She is obsessed with my iphone and acts like its hers.  If I take it from her she yells at me!
-She has the chubbiest thighs, and biggest baby boobs :)  I LOVE all her rolls!
-She is obsessed with jewelry, to the point where it is so obnoxious to hold her when you have jewelry on :)
-Liv is really scared of doctors.  With all the appointments we have had, and all the pain she has had in her ears, I can't really blame her
-SHe does this cute thing where she raises her eye brows, puts her mouth in the shape of a tight "o" and says, "OH! OH!" she also makes duck lips and says "UH UH!" She does it when she is trying to get our attention :)
-She had major stranger anxiety from about 10-11 months.  She was scared of any new face.  A few nights before we went to Utah, Rick and I had a date in the city.  We hired a babysitter to watch the kids for about an hour before my mother in law got into town.  When Penny walked in the door Liv was in the family room screaming bloody murder and my poor babysitter was hiding in the kitchen.  She said, "If I go out there she screams harder.  I don't know what to do!" When we got to Utah she was really scared of almost everyone in our family, but mostly the boys.  She would go to most girls to save her from the boys.  By the end of the trip she was used to all the new faces and has done great with new faces since we got back to Chicago.  I hope that was just a phase and she has grown out of it!
-She is really patient, complete opposite of her brother, if she is ready for another piece of food or wants to get out of her crib, she will just silently and patiently wait.  Maybe she's just lazy and lets Street do all the work for the both of them :)
-As of her one year birthday she had had a double ear infection for six weeks straight, the antibiotics she was on just wouldn't touch it.  The last ten days she was on a strong antibiotic for ear infections, called Septra, toward the last half of the ten days she started getting a bright red face and weird rash and her face got all puffy.  We don't know if it was an allergic reaction to the Septra or if her body was just freaking out after having been on antibiotics for weeks on end, but they have flagged her as a possible allergy to septra

Because I'm too lazy to organize them by baby, they are all just random today :)
Liv pulling off her headbands....always :(
But she always brings me Daci's headbands and wants me to put them on her....big sister's headbands are soooo much cooler, I guess

Street is obsessed with my iPhone
And so is Liv.  We have a rule that if they put it in their mouth, it gets taken.  Its amazing how fast they pick up on rules when the consequence is something they don't like ;)

This was taken on one of the first days that he was starting to stand on his own for more than a second.  Pretty proud :)

Street loves to throw anything and everything, here is my iPhone in midthrow.  Awesome.

Liv had major stranger danger....not just to Santa :)
She would generally go to any girl when she was having anxiety over a new boy face :)

They both love to play "so big"

She loves jewelry

They both love to play at the fridge.  They will take magnets on and off forever 

Street is very impatient....Liv is very patient

When they play naked and I look at them from behind, it takes me a second to realize which is which :) Liv on left, Street on right....just look for the rolls :)

At the dr in Utah.  We found out they still had ear infections!

104 degree fever :(

I LOVE his two bottom teeth that always poke out when he smiles

Liv with a fever and feeling horrible

Hard to tell but this is the rash and the puffy face she got on Septra

Sneaky boy was resourceful and used the doll house to get up to the remote control

They LOVE to play in the pots and pans cupboard.  They will bring toys over and stash them in there.  
I never know what I'll find when I open this door :)

Liv LOVED her bday cake (just like all food) and shoved it all in her mouth.  I took about half of it away from her until she finished what she had and I broke her heart (see bottom right pic)

Street apparently has a phobia to cake

Our house during a dance party....they all LOVE dance parties :)

She is so goofy, she loves these glasses that have one lens poked out and is always bringing them to us to put on her :)

His new tongue sticking out game :) He sticks it in and out over and over and then laughs his head off :)

Working on walking!  He high steps and puts his arms straight in the air for balance :)
They moved to their big kid car seats on Jan 22

Liv still loves her bink

And we will end this monster long post with their yummy thighs.  Mmmmm!


Karen Pedersen said...

Can't believe our babies are one!

Jordan said...

So cute! You do such a good, detailed job documenting everything! I'm sure they'll love to look back at that!

Melissa McCoy said...

I really can't believe they are already one, that wen't by so fast! I am curious to know if it is getting harder or easier? Miss you guys!