Sunday, February 17, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we got up bright and early.  Micah, Carly and Eleni were all at the Roberts' house with us as well. It was fun to see the two girls so excited over their presents.  The twins had a lot of fun in all the commotion too!
Rick and Liv before we went to see what Santa brought!
Daci was SUPER excited to go see what she got....she was dancing around the kitchen :)

Street and I before presents

Daci and Liv dancing
They finally got to go see what Santa brought and open up all their presents!

Seeing the tree and all the loot for the first time!  Penny had a little horsie to ride around that they were excited about :)
Checking out the stuff in her stocking

Liv looting through her stocking

Street checking out his stocking too

She got just what she asked Santa for! (A Cinderella blow dryer and curling iron!)
Reading her Santa's letter that told her that he left her big present in Chicago for her
Liv opening presents

Street opening presents

Rick going through his stocking

Me opening a present


Daci's load from Santa, Mom and Dad, and Yia Yia and Papou

That afternoon we went to my parents house in Springville to open presents

Easton helping Street open up his present from Gma

Daysha helping Liv

Daci working on her present from Gma

Jungle Book and some books!

Tannon opening his new Vans from Rick

Grandpa playing with Street

Tan and Street

Easton with his new Beats headphones

Street was in such a good mood

H&M gift card!

Daws and Liv! (Liv looked like this for most of the trip, hands rubbing her ears and fussy.  Poor baby had horrible ear infections!)

Rick opening his present from my parents

A dribbble shirt! (Dribbble is an elite design site that Rick is a part of) 
Dad opening his present from us
Mom opening hers

I got fun stuff from Dawson!

Rick's new clothes from Easton and Daysha

The girls

Me and my happy boy
Christmas 2012 was a success!


Karen Pedersen said...

We loved having you all here for Christmas this year. I know what a nightmare it was for all of you, flying with 3 kiddos under 3 and then having sick kids the whole time you were here. But, we grandparents are so grateful you did it anyway!

Ashley said...

Looks like a great Christmas! So fun to spend it with your family. I love all of Daci's cute expressions!