Monday, February 4, 2013

Christmas Eve!

We spent Christmas Eve dinner at my Grandma and Grandpa Overstreet's house with my mom's sister's and their families.  We did our traditions of frosting sugar cookies, eating chicken noodle soup and breadsticks, a spiritual family nihgt, and opening our Christmas Eve presents which are pajamas and books.
Tannon, Street, Rick and my Dad

Tannon and Street

Daci and my cousin Griffin.  They played the whole night together and had so much fun!

Me, Dawson, my cousins Carter and Tiana, and my cute grandparents

Daci being silly frosting cookies!

Tannon and Daci frosting

This is serious stuff!

Cute girl

Daci and Daysha

Me and my lamesauce snowman.  Why am I so bad at frosting cookies?!

With my brothers Easton and Dawson

My mom and Daci

 Time to unwrap presents!

Daci and Rick watching my brothers unwrap


My dad, Tannon, Dawson, my Aunt Andrea and her son, Carter

Daci and Liv opening a present together

Liv helping my Aunt Gaylyne unwrap her present

Daysha and Street reading his new book

My crazy little family

Rick unwrapping his pj's

My fun black silky pj's with leopard inside!

Daci with her present from GGO

The kids were pooped by the time we took this :)
After my family's Christmas Eve party we went back to Rick's house, put the kids down, and did our sibling swap with Rick's brothers and sisters and their spouses!

Rick got a cool iPhone helicopter game from Sam

I got Sam a skinny tie and a Costa Vida gift card

Carly got Jordan some nail polish and lipstick

Rick got Micah a cool shirt

Micah (so, Carly ;) ) got Sophie some pretty bracelets

Carly got some make up from Sophie

And Jordan got me a MAC lipstick that I have been wanting forever!

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Melissa McCoy said...

I am jealous of your silk pajamas! I have always wanted some, I don't know why I just don't buy a pair! BTW, your snowman is amazing and so are your whimsical them!