Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Disney Princess Themed Birthday Party for Daci!

Daci turned four!  And boy did I go to town on her party.  I had so much fun planning and preparing this Disney Princess Themed Party.  Daci is obsessed with princesses lately and I knew I wanted to incorporate all of her favorites, but I wasn't sure how.  I saw a few ideas online and combined them with my own, and this is how it all came together!

Daci has been so excited for months for her birthday party....in fact we had to make a paper chain a month ago because I couldn't take the, "How much longer til by birthday, Mom!?" question anymore :) She was so excited to have a bunch of her little girlfriends over for a princess party!

The Invitations:

The Decor:
I had five different "stations" set up for each of Daci's favorite princesses.  I made a paper flower bouquet for each princess that matched their dresses; I also made the banner across the top that says, "Princess"
Ariel had a little treasure chest with party favors in it and I made Flounder cake pops and displayed them  in "coral"

I made "Poison Apple Cupcakes" for Snow White's station

I made a glass slipper out of paper and got "magic pumpkins " for Cinderella.  I also made her Fairy Godmother's wand.

There were enchanted rose sugar cookies for Belle's station.  I also got a little mirror and painted it gold like the magic mirror that the Beast uses.

Daci's birthday cake was a ruffle cake that I made to look like Sleeping Beauty's dress
The banner
Close up of the banner

We had the party at my Sister in Law's house.  She has a great basement that the girls could play in, and I also LOVE her robin egg blue wall that went with all my decor :)

Daci and her cousin, Eleni, were super hyper while they were waiting for the guests to arrive!

Princess Pose
Daci's Yia Yia got to be here for her party!  She loved having her there!
Finally some guests started arriving!  What CUTE little princesses! 
I bought little wooden mirrors online and painted them gold.  The girls got to decorate them with jewels and stickers,

Helping the girls with their mirrors
Daci working on her mirror, she would have done this the whole time if I had let her.  My little crafter :)

Pretty little Snow White
 I made a tulle pom pom wand and we played duck, duck, goose; but instead we said "bippity, boppity, boo".  It was so cute!  The two youngest girls were so hilarious.  They didn't quite understand that when you say "boo", only the person getting tapped on the head gets up and runs.  So everytime "boo" was said those two would jump up to and run around the circle over and over again! Haha!

Addy playing "bippity, boppity, boo"

Eleni's turn!
And here's Eleni and Cailyn running around and around, even when it wasn't their turn.  Haha! So cute :) 
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 I cut out a bunch of sparkly crowns on my Cricut and we played Pin the Crown on the Princess!  It was their first time ever playing a "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" game and they were so cute!  I spun them around and then helped walk them to the wall.

Daci got really close!

Helping Eleni to the wall

Addy got it right on Ariel's head!

Eleni got it in an interesting place ;)
After the game we did a Pinata!  Daci has been asking for a pinata at her birthday forever. I wasn't planning on one, but after I realized its all she for sure wanted, I decided I better do it :)

Picking up all the candy

Then we opened presents!  Daci got so many amazing things!  Some of them are: Little LaLa Loopsy dolls, Little Rapunzel and Ariel dolls, A Disney Charm Bracelet, a coloring book and little wooden magnetic paper dolls that she can color and decorate, a princess playdoh set, a princess purse that she could color and decorate herself, magnetic Disney princess dolls, A Beauty and the Beast tea set, A Rapunzel hair and make up set, and a hand crocheted jelly fish! I know, SPOILED! She has such great friends!

Opening Presents 

Funny story, Carly started crocheting recently, and loves it!  She got a book for Christmas of how to crochet different stuffed animals.  She was making one for Eleni one day and Daci asked if she would make one for her.  Carly told her to pick one out of the book and she would make it for her birthday.  She looked through the whole book and out of all the adorable animals, she chose a jellyfish!  Don't get me wrong, this is a stinkin' cute jellyfish but it cracked me up that that is what she chose!  I thought for sure she had forgotten about it, but right when Eleni gave it to her she got all excited and cuddled it up under her chin :)
So excited over all of her presents!
 Then we went upstairs and had cake!  I have to admit, it was kind of heart wrenching cutting into this beauty :)  Haha!  There are so many flaws and I kinda made up the ruffle design on the top because I couldn't figure out the technique, but it took me SO long and it was such a labor of love.  I was pretty proud of it :)

Singing Happy Birthday

Make a Wish!

All the cute princesses that attended the party!

After the party we snapped a pic with Daci....she was pretty worn out, but super happy :)
 It was a successful party!  For the rest of the day she kept saying, "This is the BEST day EVEEEERRRR!"


Sarah H said...

So cute! You did such a great job! Amazing really!
And it's fun to see my old house! I had a few parties there myself for my kids.

Erin said...

love it! such cute game ideas :) i will have to remember those in the future! So glad daci had such a wonderful birthday!!!

Karen Pedersen said...

I want a princess party too! :). You did such a fabulous job. I'll bet Daci remembers it forever.

Jenna said...

Wow, you did such a great job! It lall looks so cute. What a fun party!

Amy said...

So super cute! I might have to try this for my daughters next party she loves loves loves all things princess.

Liz Smith said...

ive said it before and i will say it again...at some point you NEED to start your own event planning business. oh my gosh, you would make bank. you are AMAZING!!!!!!! I would hire you!