Saturday, March 9, 2013

More of our Utah Trip

Now that we have been home from our Utah trip for two months now, I figure its time to post the rest of what we did :)  I swear these last two months have been some of the busiest in my life!  

After Christmas we did a lot of fun things like:
Make Snow Angels
Build snow forts with dad....or let dad build the fort while she ran around and ate all the snow :)

Visit my absolute favorite, and childhood grocery store about five million times before it changed to lame old Ridley's :(  I love you, Kohlers!  I will miss you!

Practice walking around in our diapers....Street was trying to walk, and would take about 3-5 steps at a time

Watch Sophie play her our diapers

Become a professional walker with a diaper wedgie...Liv went from walking about ten steps in a row when we got there, to only walking by the time we left

Visit Grandma Jean
Wrestle with Leni and Papou on Grandma Jean's floor

Go to Greek City Grill....DELICIOUS! We all LOVED it

Snap couple pics at Greek City the horrible lighting

Stay up late and climb all over dad

Pull down gigantic icicles from the roof and pretend like they are swords
Celebrate Easton's birthday
Cheer on my brother Dawson with my mama
And congratulate him afterward!
Watch the elk and deer in Yia Yia and Papou's backyard
Play with Daysha's hair
And do each other's nails

And Get together with my besties!

And then we entered the sick portion of our visit and everything went to pot!
From the very first night we got to Utah, Street had a horrible time sleeping. He was so stuffy that he couldn't breathe and would wake up like every hour!  We ended up sleeping with him on our chests almost every night. It was awful.  We barely slept!

Then....the night of Sam and Jordan's wedding (that post to come soon!) we came home and went to bed and Street woke up about an hr later and we pulled him in bed with us and at about 4am I woke up to him boiling up! I took his temperature and it was 104! I've never had a kid with a fever that high! 

Sleeping with daddy with his 104 fever

We took them into the doctor that morning

I knew something was seriously wrong...I mean look at this kid!  He was snuggled up on my chest and was miserable.
They were also spending most of their time screaming their lungs out

The doctor finally came in and checked their ears.  We found out the cold and ear infections that got a week before we left for Utah hadn't gotten better....and had gotten worse! They had been on antibiotics for two weeks and it hadn't even touched the infections.  Liv had a double infection and Street had one of the worst infections my doctor had ever seen in one ear.  She suggested we do injections of antibiotics to get it in their systems immediately and then put them on the strongest antibiotic they do for ear infections.  Unfortunately, a week later, they were both still miserable!  We decided we better have me stay an extra week so that I wouldn't have to fly with them when they were so sick and fussy and in pain.  We decided to send Rick back to work and Daysha was going to fly out with me a week later and we were just going to keep our fingers crossed that they got better by then.  Well, good thing we stayed because I got hit with a horrible case of the flu and was SO sick!  I went to my mom's house the week that we extended.  My mom wasn't planning on us staying an extra week and had scheduled an important work trip that week down in St. George so she was gone and couldn't help me out.  My dad also had to work during the day, and Dawson was in school but they helped out as much as they could when they were home.

I was so sick and my poor kids were still super fussy and miserable!

While the babies napped I would lay on my moms bed to rest and Daci would lay next to me and watch the ipad.  She was so patient!

I pretty much layed on the couch for that week while Daci played with the kids

Even though Liv was miserable, she would still give me sweet moments like this.  She is literally an angel!

Then Daci started not feeling well! AH!

Then Liv spiked a fever again.
I decided to take them back to the dr and low and behold, they still had raging ear infections!  
I love my pediatrician in Utah.  She walked in and took one look at me and said, "Oh my gosh! You look awful!" She said, "Let me take a look and listen at you too so that you don't have to go to a Dr too." I was so grateful because there was really no way I could have made an appt with a dr when I had my sick kids and not really anyone to take them for me.  She said I had a really bad case of the flu and gave me a Z-Pack, then she looked at Dac and felt like she was starting in on the flu so she gave her one too.  WIthin a day and a half we were both feeling so much better! Unfortunately the twins were not, and there was nothing we could do about it.  We just needed to get them tubes ASAP!  We got on a plane two days later and this is what my poor kids looked like:

SO sick and miserable!

Trying to fake happiness :)

She passed out for a bit and then woke up and just stared at me with these big watery eyes for the whole three hours.  That is when you know something is wrong....when my kids aren't flailing all over the plane :)

When we finally got home Daci got to see the surprise Santa had left her!  A big dollhouse!  She is miserable and exhausted here....but she was excited :)

A day after we got home Liv broke out in a horrible rash and her face swelled up like a balloon.  She was on her sixth week of an antibiotic and her body was freaking out.  I just took her off of it, since it clearly wasn't working anyway.  Poor baby!

Hard to tell but there was a big red rash all over her face and her face was really swollen

And then a few days later they had their consult with the ENT to get tubes.  Hallelujah!

One of the worst doctor appts I have ever been too.  They were in so much pain and screamed the whole time and to top it all off we had to wait like two hours!


Emily said...

ugh!! my heard just broke for you the longer i read! how horrible! i hope the twins have been better since the tubes! i have a feeling we're headed that direction with nixyn. she's had an on-again-off-again fever for almost 4 months now. she's constantly snotty and coughing, and even though she hasn't been diagnosed with several ear infections, i know they are probably lingering. i have a feeling a dr. appt. is in our near future. i'm starting to get sick of this :( sick babies is SO hard!!!

Karen Pedersen said...

So glad everyone is whole and healthy again. :)

Todd Family said...

oh my word! i'm exhausted just reading this! i can't even imagine all of that! that sounds awful! i hope you guys are all back to normal now! these babes have had a rough year!!

Liz Smith said...

wow, i wish i could find an amazing doctor like that here!!! so nice she was able to give you something so you didn't have to make another appointment. i still can't believe all this happened on your trip. so so sad. hope you never have to go through that again!!!!