Monday, March 25, 2013

Some January and February Highlights

 We didn't have a real snowfall that Daci could play in until the first week of February! Luckily she went out when she did, because it was pretty much melted a day or two later :) She was super excited to get all dressed up in her snow clothes.  She doesn't really play much in it, she just sits in it and eats it :)  Haha, don't worry we told her she could only eat the white snow ;) The babies loved watching her play out there and I could tell they really wanted to go out and join her.  Daci was a good sport and played with them through the window!


Never can give me a normal smile!

Watching Daci

Wishing they were out there with her!

Eating the snow!

Making Liv giggle

Valentine's Day was fun and low key this year.  I was so excited to put Liv in the dress Daci wore when she was that age for Valentines.  I probably should have tried it on her a few days before to make sure that it fit....Liv is MUCH bigger than Daci was :)  She was pretty much stuffed into her dress!
My three little Valentine's!

Street looked adorable!

Liv DID NOT want to take pics :)  Look how short that dress is on her!! Ha!

Handsome Man
 My mom sent them each a little Valentine in the mail.  Daci was so excited to open it and the babies had fun playing with their big marshmallow suckers :)

Then I brought Daci her Valentine surprise from me.
She hid her eyes while I was bringing it over :)

It was just a little bucket full of Hello Kitty lipsticks and nail polishes and some art supplies

Rick brought home roses for Daci and asked her if she would be his Valentine. It was the sweetest thing! She was so excited for her first flowers.
Rick and I went out for Valentine's Day the weekend before.  We went to a new Italian izza place called Fiamme.  They have gluten free pizzas!  It was pretty good, but I think there is a reason that there aren't many gluten free italian pizza places, the toppings are so thin that it is really easy to taste the crust.  If you want a gluten free pizza I would definitely choose a deep dish pizza so that the toppings can hide the gluten free crust taste :)  Rick really liked his though!
Sorry the lighting was so horrible in there 
After dinner we stopped at the grocery store and got a treat and then went home and watched a movie.  

This was one of our favorite treats to get when we were first married and we haven't gotten it in years!  We busted it out for our date night and it brought back a lot of fun memories :)

Me and my babe after dinner. Love him!


Karen Pedersen said...

Such darling photos of the kiddos. You have an awesome family. It must be good genes!

Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

Next time you come to utah you need to try Pizza Pie Cafe's GF pizza. It really is pretty good. We get it for Daxton all the time. The texter is a little different from normal but other than that we really cant tell a difference. Even Lonnie thought it was good. Your kids are amazingly cute. Little Daci just melts my heart. That little girl has so much spunk. She is the cutest.

Melissa McCoy said...

Survived the winter! I love Liv crammed into that adorable dress :) And now I have to go to the store for some raspberry ice cream! Yum!

Liz Smith said...

we've been wanting to try that restaurant! we'll have to check it out. we love stopping at the grocery store for a treat and then watching a movie too. (well, unless we stop at oberweis :P) i feel like that part is almost more fun than the going out part. :)