Thursday, May 6, 2010


As many of you know, we are moving to Chicago at the end of June. Rick got a job working right downtown and we are so grateful that he did. I am extremely nervous to leave my Utah but am also excited to start a new adventure with our little family. We went out to Chicago last week to look for housing and also for Rick to visit his new office and meet his new coworkers and bosses. His company (Pariveda Solutions- an IT consulting firm) put us up in a hotel downtown for two nights. We spent a lot of time walking around the city and eating tons of good food! We walked so much I had shin splints and ate so much that the walking didn't even touch our calorie intake :) The first night we were in the city we walked from one end of it to the other. We wound up at the John Hancock building and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory which is on the first floor.
During our walk we stopped and took a lot of pictures. Rick is absolutely in love with the city and is so fascinated by the architecture. I was also in awe by the huge buildings. I felt like a tiny speck in this huge universe. It was so crazy to look up at each building and think of all the people that were in just that one building. There are so many people in the world!

The river that runs through downtown is gorgeous!

Waiting patiently for a seat at the Cheesecake Factory

On the way back to the hotel we passed a Lamborghini (sp?) store. Rick of course had to get pictures. He looked like a little kid with his nose pressed up against the glasses oohing and awing :)

The next day we walked all the way back over to the John Hancock and did the tour on the top floor. It was so high and I definitely had vertigo up there! HEre you can see Rick in front of both the Sears Tower (the one to the right) and the new Trump Tower (to the left)
Up against the window looking down. It doesn't do it justice how high we actually were...Scary!

As much as we love the city we won't be living downtown (much to Rick's dismay!). We will be living in a suburb west of the city called Naperville. I fell in love with the city and it made me much less nervous to go. We met some great people and found some good places to we just have to decide which one we want! I will keep you posted once we have made a decision.


Jessica said...

Everyone that I know that has ever lived there or visited there loves it soooo much! I want to visit someday! It will be a fun place to have an adventure in! We wish you guys the best of luck! :)

Kade and Kaylee said...

Kori it looks amazing!! You guys are going to LOVE it! I seriously can't wait to come visit you guys! Are you buying a house out there or moving into an apartment?

Jesse & McKenzie said...

Is weird that I'm excited for you but nervous too? I just know how it feels to move far far away from family. But Chicago seems like an amazing place and I've always wanted try the food you always hear about. Hopefully your family will come visit and you can fly home often!:) My aunt and uncle live in Naperville an LOVE it! It will be fun to see all the fun things you guys get to do! Good luck with the big move.