Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Family Pics 2010

We got our family pictures taken with my mom's side of the family last week because it will be a very long time before we are all together again. My Grandparents are leaving on their fourth mission, my brother Tannon is going on his mission, my brother Easton is moving to Cedar City to go to school and play football at SUU and we are moving to Chicago! It was quite the adventure trying to get just one good shot with Daci but it was worth it! We got some great ones :)

The Four Siblings: Tannon, Me, Easton, and Dawson

My Cute Mom and Dad!

Dawson, Me, Daci, Rick, Karen, Dan, Tannon, Easton

Love this kid!

The "macho" boys

The whole fam! My mom's sister Andrea's family on top row. Rick, Daci and I on next with my mom's sister Gaylyne and her son, My Grandparents, My mom and Dad and then on the front row are my three brothers.

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Karen Pedersen said...

I love my family! I can't believe so many are going different directions this year. I can hardly stand to think about it!