Saturday, May 22, 2010

Daci's First Operation!

Daci has had about 6-7 ear infections straight since October of last year. She would get one, I would take her in, she would get antibiotics, she would feel better for about a week after she finished the antibiotics, and then she would get another one! The doctors finally said, "Enough!" They said she needed tubes, otherwise she would suffer from hearing loss and speech delay. Her surgery was scheduled for 5:45am on Tuesday the 18th. She was actually really hyper and happy while we were waiting for the doctor. They had a little wagon that we pulled her around in, she got a special T-shirt with a teddy bear on it, she got a bracelet with all of her information that she loved to play with, there were lots of animal books that she loved looking at and all of the nurses were just gushing over her. She thought she was having a party or something. Then the anesthesiologist came out and told us they were going to put her under with a gas mask. He was really nice and Daci warmed up to him really fast. He said, "Daci, do you want to go see my balloon?" Daci started looking for the balloon and he walked out of the room with her. Just like that and she was gone. I was really worried about her and that she would be really upset without us and I was also really worried for the doctor and nurses because I know what Daci can be like when she is scared :) We went into the recovery room and only had to wait about 20 minutes. When she was done, we definitely knew it! We heard a scream and then a loud "Moommm!" They brought her into the room and she lost it. I swear she was possessed by a demon for 45 minutes straight. She screamed and writhed forever. Needless to say, she really didn't come out of the anesthesia very well. I felt so bad for her, she was just so scared. Finally after the doctor came in and gave us instructions (the whole time Daci was screaming) and I said, "Daci, should we go Buh Bye?" She immediately stopped crying, let out an excited squeal, clapped her hands and said, "BUH BYE!!!" She was so happy to get out of that place :) We got out to the car and I thought, "Yes, we are home free!" And then......the car wouldn't start. Lovely! Rick had already left me to go to school and I was all alone in a surgery center parking lot with a terrified child. It was quite the morning. Rick turned around and then I drove him back to school and then headed back home. The whole rest of the day Daci would be happy one second and then break into tears the next. She was quite emotional :) I am really happy that she won't have to deal with the ear infections anymore. She has been in quite a bit of pain for a while now and I hope once they heal from the operation she will feel lots better! Love you doodle!

Playing in the wagon before the surgery

Reading animal books with Daddy

Spinning on the doctor chair right before they came to get her

After the operation. She was like dead weight, she was still so out of it from the medication but was also screaming her head off. It was really hard to control her!

By the end all we could do was laugh. This was definitely not our child! Luckily she was back a few hours later :)


Kade and Kaylee said...

so sad!! Poor little thing!! I get that way in hospitals still at the age of 24!! :) But it def will be a relief to not get ear infections constantly!! ps. I looked at your new baby band/bling blog & your stuff is sooo cute! Next time I need a baby present I'm def ordering some stuff!

Karen Pedersen said...

I'm so glad i wasn't there to see her come out of the anesthesia. I remember watching you and Easton both come out of anesthesia that way. It is so upsetting to a mommy (and daddy) to watch their little one in such a scary state! I'm so glad I got to see her when she was back to her sweet little self. I hope it works and those ear infections will be gone for good.

Carly said...

O my saddest thing ever! She looked so cute though with her hospital band and everything. Can't wait till I see her next so I can give her the biggest hug!