Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Day

We woke up at 7am and opened presents with the Roberts family. Daci was so excited when I woke her up. I said, "Daci, Santa came last night and brought you presents!" She said in a sleepy voice, "Santa? Oh yay!"

Daci loved passing the presents out to everyone

I got a Cricut from Penny! Wahoo! Its one of those things that I always wanted but didn't think I would ever have. I'm so excited!

Daci sure had the hang of opening presents up this year. She was a pro!

First present: Mrs. Potato Head!

Penny got her an American Girl Doll baby. She loves it!

She got some mini Sesame Street characters. Sesame Street is her favorite TV show now. She LOVES elmo!

Carly, Micah and Eleni

Eleni working on her present from me

I got her a sock monkey

Sophie got Daci a Hokey Pokey Elmo. Daci also LOVES this!

Carly and Eleni

After we opened presents with the Roberts we rushed over to my family's house because Tannon called at 8am for his Christmas call (he is on a mission right now)

After the phone call Daci got to go see what Santa brought her. She LOVES her new farm and Sesame Street stuffed animals!

Mom with her stack of presents.


Easton and Daysha. They had gotten back from their honeymoon the night before and had some wedding gifts at our house to open for their Christmas.

Rick got Despicable Me, he LOVES that movie. HOwever, it quickly became Daci's present. She is obsessed with "Buckle Me". She watches it over and over and has many of the quotes down. She says, "Liiiightbulb", "So fi die!" (It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!), "Hate dat guy" (I hate that guy), "Whhhaaaaat?" (when the minion is accused of coming up with a mischievious idea), and many more. She is such a crack up! We also got her Beauty and the Beast because it is one of my all-time favorites and I had to have my little girl like it :) She does like it. She calls it "Beast". She likes "Buckle Me" better though :)

Mom got a CuttleBug! So cool!

Daci got a little Cabbage Patch Doll that looks like a skunk. Seriously, to die for cute!

We got iLife from my Grandparents. I am SOOOOO excited to finally have an updated version of iPhoto!!

I got Rick a Universal Remote Control for his HTPC that he built. I know it sounds lame but it is actually pretty sweet (and expensive!). It has sure made our life easier :)

My mom got Daci a stove with dishes and play food. She loves to be a little chef. She takes a spoon and pretends to stir the food in the pots and then she takes a sip to test if it tastes good yet :)

I am loving watching Daci's imagination and vocabulary explode! Its so much fun to see!!

Christmas was wonderful. Thanks to everyone who made it that way for us! Love you all!


Liz Smith said...

oooh! you guys got some fun stuff. i love that daci is getting started early with the american girl craze. :) and i love your mom's pretty pink pjs! so cute! i'm so glad you had an awesome christmas!

Jessica said...

oh my heck! daci is so stinkin cute! i can't believe she will sport her headbands with no problem still. im glad you guys had a good christmas!!

Karen Pedersen said...

It was so much fun having you guys here. Christmas morning through the eyes of a little one is the bestest!

Carly said...

Ha wow I could pretty much do without ANYONE seeing those photos of me! I look HIDEOUS! But what people need to know is I got pretty much zero sleep that night due to my precious Eleni :) So there's my excuse :)