Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was so much fun! This is a picture of Daci and I in front of the tree that morning.

Rick and Daci

We went over to Rick's Grandma Jean's house. Rick put Daci in this old bike and rode her around. She LOVED it!

Then we went to visit Grandma Jean's sister in the nursing home

Then we went back to his Grandma's house to visit for a while longer.

Grandma Jean with Eleni

Then we went over to my mom's house for our traditional Chicken Noodle Soup Christmas Eve dinner, frosting cookies for Santa, and opening our Christmas Eve presents. Daci got really into frosting her cookies. She loved it!

She also loved eating them after she frosted them :)


My dad

My mom, who always frosts hers to perfection!


More Daci

I had to prove that I frosted too :)

Daci was pretty hopped up on sugar when we were done frosting!

Getting ready to open her Christmas Eve present

Ripping into it

Before I got her dressed in her new pj's

Her new pj's and elmo slippers

She also got a new blanket. She is such a blanket girl. She takes it wherever she goes so her other one that I got for her just 6 months ago is pretty nasty now.

Reading her new book

Rick took her back up to the Roberts house to put her to bed and I stayed behind to make sure that Santa brought her her presents :)

When we got back to the Roberts house we had fun hanging out with Rick's parents, Sophie, and Carly and Micah. Fred made a scrumptious cheesecake!

Penny worked on Sophie's new stocking. And Carly, Sophie and I painted our nails red and tried on makeup :) So much fun!

It was such a great Christmas Eve!

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Karen Pedersen said...

Love it! I can't wait to see the layouts you do with all of your fun Christmas photos!